Buggy password-setting screens on iPad2

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Long time Mac and iPhone user, newly on iPad2... Downloaded the app. The 'set up passwords' screen looks like it's from a ported iPhone app (ie, it's small and sit in the middle of the screen, and won't rotate to landscape. I click 'set unlock code' and that screen first shows the number fields partly cut off, then after a moment it rotates to landscape. So I enter a 4 digit code. It takes me back to the portrait-only front screen, I click 'set master password', and when that screen comes up, it's horizontal, but the password field is half cut off by the keyboard.

Is this the performance I should be seeing? App store says I have the latest version.


  • bswinsbswins Agile Customer Care
    Hello editortom,

    Congratulations on your new iPad2!

    It sounds like you using the 1Password for iPhone app on your iPad. AgileBits developed a native 1Password app for the iPad named 1Password for iPad.

    On our iPad app site, you will notice references to a third iOS app called 1P Pro. the Pro app is just a combination of the iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad apps. In other words: 1Password for iPhone + 1Password for iPad = 1Password Pro

    Since 1Password Pro contains no additional features beyond what are available in our two device-specific apps, and if you already own 1Password for iPhone, there is no need to purchase 1P Pro. Simply purchase the "other half of the set": 1Password for iPad.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


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