Question about device deauthorization

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I was just wondering if lets say my device gets stolen I would go ahead and deauthorize it via the families/team interface. But would this deauthorization still work when I change the master password and account key? So Lets say I lose my phone. I then go ahead and change the master password and account key and deauthorize the lost device. But because of the change of the account key and password the device can't sync. So it may not now that it has been deauthorized. Am I right?


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  • brentybrenty

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    @ntimo: If you change the Master Password and/or Account Key no devices will be able to login to the server with the old ones. That's useful if you have reason to believe that the account credentials may have been compromised. Device deauthorization is more appropriate in situations where a specific device has been lost, stolen, or is no longer being used. It's already been logged into the account, but you don't want it to be able to going forward. So in your example, since you've lost your phone but not your account credentials, it makes more sense to just deauthorize the phone. No need to use a shotgun approach and make it so you have to login to everything else again. ;)

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