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Send a password from iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC

I currently use 1Password at home and at work, each with different Keychains. My home 1Password is synced to my iPhone via Dropbox and my work one isn't because it's shared between a few of us, and I don't want colleagues to have access to my personal passwords. However, I often need to log into websites using my personal details (such as this one) whilst at work. My currently solution is to find the password on my iPhone and manually type it in on my work computer.This obviously isn't ideal.

It would be fantastic if I had a button on my iPhone I could press that sends the password to my work Mac connected on the same Wifi network. You would effectively pair your Mac with your iPhone so it knows which one to send it to. When the password is sent to the Mac something would pop up asking for my personal Master Password, at which point it would be copied to the clipboard or sent straight to my browser.

I'm sure there's a better solution than the above, but at the moment the only area 1Password is failing me a bit is accessing the passwords on my iPhone.

Is there currently a better solution that I'm missing, or is this already on the radar somewhere?



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    Hello Examinus,

    I've found myself in your position in the past: I kept two separate copies of 1Password on a home and work computer...using different 1Password keychains. Although, 1P for Mac does offer Wi-Fi synching with iOS devices, you cannot selectively synch specific vaults and/or entries. In addition, the differing Master Passwords (i.e. keychain access code) would cause issues.

    Note: For those playing at home 1P for Windows does not support Wi-Fi synching.

    For your situation, have you considered using the 1PasswordAnywhere (1PA) functionality? Please take a look at the following link for more information: 1PasswordAnywhere

    You can access 1PA by logging in to your Dropbox folder through the Internet. However, if you would rather not access that information through the Dropbox website because you're at work, please note that you can copy (not move) your 1Password keychain to a USB flash drive and access it that way.

    You will still need to copy/paste into website logins, but it's probably a lot easier than typing your data into a desktop browser while looking at that very small iPhone display. Trust me, I know your pain on that one!

    Please give 1PA a try and let me know if you have any additional questions or comments.


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    Thanks, I'll give it a go. The only problem is that my Dropbox password is a secure one generated by 1Password, which means I'd still have to manually find the password on my iPhone. I think it would ultimately defeat the point for the odd seldom login.

    If you could pass the above on as a feature request that would be brilliant.
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    Thanks for the follow up.

    When using 1PA from a flash drive, you are accessing a copy of your 1Password data file. Once launched, you will have access to all of your saved logins.

    So, you would not have login to your Dropbox folder to access the 1PA function. The copy of your 1Password.agilekeychain is encrypted just as it is on your other platforms, so even if you misplaced the flash drive, your data is as safe as it would be if someone hacked your computer, Dropbox, etc.

    I keep a current copy of my 1P keychain on a USB drive and take it with me wherever I go. I do this in case there is a problem with the Dropbox site and/or if I don't wish to access Dropbox using a particular computer.

    Regardless, your feature request was passed to the devs after your first post! :) Thanks again for offering your suggestion.

    Let us know how 1PA works for you. We're always looking for feedback on our applications.


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