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I recently lost my iPad. It had 1Password on there, but the iPad homescreen is password protected. I've attempted to erase the iPad once it comes in contact with WiFi, but the request is still pending (probably is still not in WiFi area or has no power).

My questions is, do I need to worry about my passwords on 1Password? I have a difficult password to get into the app, but the way people hack into things these days has me concerned.

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  • PilarPilar

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    Hi @radioactivebug,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your stolen iPad :( All the data saved in 1Password is completely encrypted, and 100% secure. Without your Master Password there is absolutely nothing that they can do with your data, it's effectively gibberish. If you have a good, strong Master Password, I can reassure you that your passwords are safe. The main two reasons why all these security breaches occur are:

    1. The passwords are not very good, so they are "guessed" (short passwords can be broken with brute force attacks).
    2. The site itself is broken into and a list of accounts with passwords is released. This can never be a problem with 1Password as we don't have your Master Password to begin with, and it's never sent over the internet.

    I hope this helps you feel reassured about your data situation. If there's anything else that we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask! :chuffed:

  • Thanks Pilar!

  • nmottnmott 1Password Alumni

    I think you might also be interested in learning about 1Password's security. We do a lot of cool things -- from fundamentals like encryption to clipboard management -- to make sure your data is safe in scenarios like this one. Like Pilar said, as long as you have a strong Master Password, your data is going to be safe.

    On a more somber note, I'm sorry to hear about the iPad :( I hope you'll be able to replace it soon :)

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