My Windows PC does not have my logins but my Mac does

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Windows 7. I am using Dropbox to store my vault
My Windows version says I am in Demo mode but I purchased a license

1Password Windows version
1Password Mac version 6.3


  • brentybrenty

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    @esedenka: Unfortunately 1Password has no way of knowing whether or not you've purchased it unless you register the app with your license information.

    But the good news is that all you need to do is register the app (1Password Help > Enter License Key) to remove the trial restrictions. In that spirit, I've also resent your license information via email.

    Regarding Dropbox, please check the location of your vault in each app:

    1Password for Mac
    Preferences > Sync

    1Password for Windows
    Preferences > General

    Let me know what the paths listed there are. If they don't match, then you have each using a different vault. In that case, if your Mac has all of your 1Password data, just point your PC to the same vault (File > Open 1Password Vault) and you should be all set. Please let me know how it turns out! :)

  • I had a couple of issues. One, I had a family account which I did not need so I changed it to a single license. Second, I had my logins in a personal vault in the family account and that was not showing on my windows PC. All good, thanks

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    Ah, thanks for following up! Glad to hear you were able to get things sorted out. It sounds like you should be all set, but don't hesitate to reach out if we can be of further assistance. We're always here to help! :)

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