Sharing passwords with an individual member

1Password for teams should allow passwords to be shared with individual members without having to create a vault.

Example use case: Admin creates an account for a user on a new server and needs to share the password with just that user.

It doesn't make sense to have a vault for it since it's often just a one time thing...

I think the current recommended solution in the discussion threads involve encrypted email, a secure message service (like iMessage) or AirDrop (which works if everyone is on an apple device).

Teams should really have a solution that facilities this 1 to 1 sharing within a team.


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  • PilarPilar

    Team Member

    Hi @pj_gpg

    Thank you for writing to us and telling us how you would like to use 1Password. I can see how you feel about having to create a vault just to share an item with someone once can feel like an overkill! I still prefer it over the other option. Keep in mind that iMessage is not necessarily secure: while it does have end to end encryption, it can default on text message which would not be secure.

    Right now these are the only options that we have, but I hope that some day we'll be able to see a better alternative for sharing individual items with 1Password Teams and Families! :chuffed:

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