I have 1Password for teams and 1Password for my personal use

I have bookmarked them on my desktop computer in google as separate bookmarks. It seems they often forget who they are and I have to reenter all the information including the account key. This means I have to keep the account key laying around which sort of defeats the purpose of having this program. Is there a way to keep them separate.

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  • Hi @Gerri_Martin,

    I think you are saying you access both your Teams and personal 1Password repositories through the web interface, is that correct? If so, it seems possible that the browser's bookmark is not capable of storing enough of your account information to differentiate between the two.

    In order to preserve the convenience you are looking for a solution might be to create a separate vault in your teams account for your personal content. Is that possible with your team? You would then be able to access 1PW with the one bookmark no matter which vault you need.

    If using your team account in that way in not going to work, would using separate browsers get you what you want? Another user wrote that he used Chrome for one account and Safari for another to keep the information stored in each 1PW account completely sealed off form one another.

    I hope those ideas can help you get the utility you are looking for from 1PW, or maybe they could spawn others that fit your needs more perfectly. Best wishes.

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    @Gerri_Martin: I actually use separate browsers in most cases, but that's more a quirk of my setup than anything else. You can absolutely use multiple accounts in the same browser, with one exception: the login page for any given team can only save one user at a time. If your "team" account and "personal" account are part of the same 1Password Team (and therefore share the same login URL), you can't have it both ways. In that case, you'd need to use a separate browser for each.

    And please note that keeping the Account Key around is crucial, since you'll need it when authorizing any new device. There isn't a way to do so without it...unless you're counting on a team mate recovering your account for you.

    Another likely issue is that if you or another piece of software is clearing your browser data, that will wipe out your Account Key, etc. We don't have any of that; it's all local on your machine, so there's something going on on your end causing this behaviour. Without knowing any real details (steps to reproduce, browser, OS version, etc.) it's impossible to go into specifics, so please let me know any other relevant details if you're still having trouble so we can get this sorted out for you! :)

  • :) Thank you. I will investigate this further. I am glad to know I can have separate accounts on the same computer. I don't want my personal information co-mingled with company data.

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    Indeed! And also in the 1Password app the only limitation is you can't be logged into multiple users belonging to the same 1Password Families/Teams account. Cheers! :)

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