Change passwort for OSX1PW different for Masterpassword?!?

Dear all
In the last week I migrated my family from individual 1PW to 1PW Family.
All my Family Members have there own iPhone and one MacBook and 1PWFamily ist working and synking properly on all devices.

For on of my Kids I have the following problem:
The 1PWFamily master password on the MacOS device differs fom the iOS 1PWFamily master password and I am not able to change the masterpasswort on the MacOS device via
seting/accounts/change password
At this stage 1PWFamily MacOS dos not accept my actual password, witch is the one I use to open the 1PWF on this device.

I am under the impression, that 1PWF some how makes a difference between "Masterpasswort" and the acces password I use to open 1PWF on the MacOS device.
The Problem is, that I find no way to change the password for 1PWF on the MacOS Device.

How can I change the 1PWF Acces Password on the device?

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  • I use MacOS 10.11 and 1PW 6.3.1

  • Hi @Chris90,

    It sounds like you are experiencing a few bumps in the transition between products. You mentioned problems specifically changing master passwords. I am not sure from your description if:

    I am not able to change the masterpasswort on the MacOS device via seting/accounts/change password

    refers to the same steps listed in the knowledge base instructions:

    Click your account name in the top right corner and choose My Profile

    If you were going about it a different way you might give this a try. (Steps to change the Master Password on the Mac as well as other devices can be viewed at this link:

    You also mentioned issues syncing some of the family's devices. Since it was designed to happen automatically this might be another snag in the setup process. There are new features like sharing, permissions etc. that come with a Family account which may be leading to your results. Can you describe an example of what is, or is not, happening as expected?

    You probably already read this, but in case you missed it this link leads to 1PW's migration article:

    I hope some of these thoughts can help you get things working smoothly soon.

  • PilarPilar

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    Hi @Chris90

    I think Margeau has covered the options you have in detail. If I understand correctly, the problem boils down to having a different Master Password for the account and the local vaults and you need to unify it, is this correct? The first link will give you a detailed walkthrough to changing a Master Password both in your account and locally, so you can keep whichever you prefer.

    Please let us know how this all goes for you and if there's anything else that we can help you with :chuffed:

  • Chris90Chris90
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    Thanks for your answer:
    What you proposed is waht I allready did, I think...

    I changed the masterpasword via the Family using the email auf my dauters login (no admin).
    I changed the masterpassword succesfully for my dauthers web log in.
    With in minutes the App on my dauthers iOS an MacOS asked for the new Masterpassword.
    After entering it, the apps contined to sync the chared family vault as befor. Everything fine from this side!

    The problem is, that the password to log in the apps has NOT changed and I find no way to change it. In the app it allways leeds me to change the Masterpassword for the whoole family accout.

    The other problem is, that my dauther just left oversee for the next 12 Months and I dont want to risk her losing the sync of the family shaered vault.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    If local/standalone vaults are enabled (i.e. a "Primary" vault exists) then the Master Password for the Primary vault is what will be used to unlock the app. The only way around that would be to move all data from the Primary (and any other standalone vaults) into 1Password Families vaults, and then delete the standalone vaults. You can find instructions for migrating the data in the link margeau provided above:

    For iOS you'd then uninstall/reinstall the app.

    For Mac you'd open 1Password > Preferences > Advanced and uncheck the option to allow the usage of local vaults.



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