Offline access to 1P for Families vault

I have a question regarding offline access to my 1Password for Families vault. I am often in locations where internet access is very bad or unavailable. With online sync with 1Password for Families, does this mean that I must be online before I can access my vault? Or is online only required to sync the vault or to setup an initial 1Password connection on a device for the first time?


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  • PilarPilar

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    Hi @Starmatrix

    Thank you for your interest in 1Password! You need to be online in order to create your account and to get the changes to sync, but your data will remain available on your devices. Even on a scenario where you don't have internet access for several days, you will still have access to the cached data.

    The main thing to be aware is that the files inside a Documents item are only downloaded as requested so if you think you'll need one then before the start of the trip you would want to download it from inside 1Password for iOS while you're still connected to your own network. Once it is downloaded in 1Password for iOS I believe you would not require additional internet connectivity.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or if there's anything eles that we can do for you :chuffed:

  • @Starmatrix - I can confirm @Pilar post that as long as the document is "downloaded" when you look at it through 1Password for iOS, you will have offline access to it.

    I tested it by downloading the file, throwing on Airplane mode and verifying that I can access it. I also went as far as testing it by rebooting the device (sometimes it wipes out cache "attachments" - i.e. mail) and still were able to verify that the document is there to browse when on Airplane mode.

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    Thanks for chiming in here @cwanja! :)


  • Thanks for the input! Just to confirm, the offline caching ability of documents and logins applies to all versions of 1Password Families? Or are there differences between 1P for Families for Mac, Windows, iOS etc...?

  • JacobJacob

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    @Starmatrix Good question. It's actually just in 1Password for iOS right now. On Mac, you can save a document to your hard drive, but it will not be encrypted like the rest of the data in your account. Depending on what you're storing in there, this may be a good way to handle things. Otherwise I would recommend using an iOS device to access your documents offline. Hope that helps!

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    @Starmatrix, note that you can always access your Logins and other items offline in all of the 1Password apps. Penderworth was only referring to documents. Only the 1Password app on iOS has the offline capability for documents.

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