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Dear all,

Would a user who changes their login email address for 1Password for Teams need to adjust their settings, including membership for the Recovery group? Since the recovery procedure involves emails, I was wondering whether a change of login required doing something extra to "propagate" the change to the recovery feature or whether the system would take care of it automatically.

Also, is it necessary for the user to log out of the 1Password apps, or would they pick up the change of email address automatically by simply syncing with the Teams servers?

We are anxious not to mess up this transition… :fearful:

— FJ


  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @francoisjoseph! Another good question. They wouldn't need to change anything else; a change of email, once completed, will not hinder recovery or any other features in the future. As for the apps, they should be able to stay signed in. If anything they will get a prompt to correct their account information. It doesn't automatically change in the apps though. The more important elements in the apps are the Account Key and Master Password; the email is just the identifier, which can be communicated other ways like with a UUID. :)

  • Thanks again, @Jacob! :chuffed:

  • JacobJacob

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    No problem at all. Happy to help :+1:

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