How to manage permissions to discrete objects in the vault.

1Password for teams. We would like to share some of our admin passwords with external suppliers (subcontractors). However, if we do it by using a vault it means that we need to have a vault per supplier and we have to create the same object/password in more than one vault (it is assumed that different suppliers have access to different passwords - disjoint groups). So, our point is that we would like to create a single object/password and distribute it for whatever vault we wish, although keeping all instances synchronized. This way if this object is changed in one vault, its copies would be changed likewise.

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OS Version: Win 7 Pro
Sync Type: Cloud
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    Hi @JSilva! Thanks for the feedback. We've gotten a few requests for this in the past and are looking into it. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's a bit difficult to implement since you're essentially "syncing" that item across all the vaults. We've got some ideas in mind though. :) Keep an eye out.

    ref: B5-1162

  • Thanks for the feedback. Pls give us a note if you decide to put this feature into the roadmap.

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    Will do! Thanks for asking about it. :)

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