Option to sign in without Account Key?

Would be great if there was a one time password option for 1PW for Families.

Will come in handy when I need to grab a password on a computer that isn't mine - don't wish to compromise my account key or Vault password then.


  • @shawnlcl This would be nearly impossible to do and very hard to do well, since the account key is just as important as your master password and without either your data cannot be decrypted. So I don't see AgileBits providing it any time soon. I say nearly because there are mathematical ways of requiring 2 of 3 parts of something for decryption but it adds complexity and thus is hard to do well.

    Accessing your account on a non-trusted system would expose all account contents to being stored or used by that system, so it's not a great idea anyway, regardless of what login information you use. Security does prevent some convenience sometimes...syncing to mobile phone is how I get around that most of the time.

  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @shawnlcl! We've definitely seen some interest in this, but as dszp mentioned, the Account Key is the core security of a 1Password account, right next to the Master Password. I don't see it going away anytime soon. If you have some suggestions for making it easier to use on another device, I'd be happy to chat about those. :) The QR code makes things pretty smooth right now.

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