No way to attach an image? So incredibly disappointed by this "upgrade".


I've been using 1Password for many, many years now. Bought the iOS version a long time ago to keep my data synched with the desktop version through Dropbox. Since I skipped the v4 upgrade (and of course also lost the possibility of using browser integration with my version) I now decided to jump over to the newly announced monthly plan, which supposedly includes all the neccesary apps to get me going into the next century, right?

Well, my old vault had a credit card entry, nothing much really, it just included my PIN number (in the PIN field) and an image (a really tiny PNG) of my transaction keycard. I use it whenever I buy something with my credit card, which happens from time to time.

So, I created a new account following the instructions on your site, downloaded the "new" Windows (beta?!) app, installed, opened my old 1Password, exported the vault data following the instructions provided on your site, imported them into my new account, everything fine here, except these extremely annoying tags on all entries telling me it's some imported data. I know that, why do you create a tag I don't want on every single entry? How do I delete all of them alltogether at the same time?

Anyway, I went to my credit card data, knowing that I had to reimport the attached image, as the instructions said it would get lost. Actually, the instructions said "When you copy an item to a vault in a 1Password account, any attachments will become Documents. Documents are items themselves, and can be managed independently of the items that contain them.". Well, there is no such "Document" anywhere. So I went to the Windows app (since I can't import images on the iOS app, right?), opened my imported credit card data and found myself with two major issues. First, my PIN is gone. There's no PIN field either, it simply was not imported. Ok, I can live with that and create it again, I guess, not so sure, as I didn't see any PIN field I could choose from when trying to add a new field. And, if that field got lost in the import process, how many other fields from other items got lost too? Do I have to get worried?

And then, second: how on Earth do I attach my transaction keycard image? There is no option anywhere to do that. I looked for a bit and tried other data types, not a single one lets me attach images. That's a main feature of previous versions, it's being announced as such, but it's nowhere to be found, or I am just too stupid to find it. Did you remove it?

So here I am, seeing myself rolling back to the old 1Password program, as this new one seems to lack some major stuff, doesn't look very pretty either at this point, so much wasted space, so user unfriendly interface and bad usability. Not neccesary to tell that for now I'm not paying a single cent, and of course I'll end up switching over to another software if this is the experience I'm getting with a software I really used to like, until today.

I'm not expecting any reply from one of the responsible programmers (or person that makes decisions), just wanted to share my experience as a (still...) long time user of your software. I've got the six months trial running now, so I'm going back to my old 1Password for the time being. I'm taking another look at this in 180 days, and it better be much, much, much, much improved by then, seriously, because this is kind of totally unacceptable, and that's sad, because 1Password was so great.

1Password Version:
Extension Version: not available
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    @me_and_myself: You referenced 1Password for Windows version 1 in the information at the bottom of your post and also mentioned 1Password for iOS, but you seem to be referring to the new 1Password 6 beta in your description. Just let me know if I've misunderstood that so we're on the same page.

    Also, I'd actually like to hear more about how you're using images in 1Password to pay for things. That's not something I've heard before, so I wonder if it would be useful to others, though it probably is specific to where you do your shopping. Regardless, you touched on a number of specific areas we're working on: namely attachments/documents and the migration process, and I appreciate your honest feedback there. We can — and will — do better.

    I'm really sorry that you've had such a negative experience with the 1Password 6 beta. We're working hard every day to improve the new app and add features, but it isn't something that can be built in a day. Yet in the mean time it is definitely a disappointment when it doesn't work the way you expect it to, regardless of the realities of software development. We're we've failed you in that regard, I apologize. Apart from that, the only thing we can do is continue to improve it so that you're more satisfied in 6 months when you take another look. That's our job, and we take it very seriously. And I feel confident that, given the progress we've made in these few short months with the beta, we can offer you something much more satisfying in the near future. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. :blush:

  • Thank you very much for the unexpected feedback. Of course I understand that creating software is no easy task (I'm web programmer myself so there's that). Still, this felt like a real downgrade to me instead of upgrade, and I don't even want to imagine how a brand new user to your software must feel (except if they don't expect much from it, but taking into account that it's something you [want to] pay for...).

    My bank provides me kind of a key card together with my credit card, basically it's a card that shares the same size as a credit card and has a table with numbers and letters. Every time I do some transaction during online banking or when paying large amounts with my credit card, some data from that transaction card is requested to be input into a web page (also provided by the bank). So, if I were to carry both my credit card and the transaction card, it would be a huge mess if someone took hold of both or I loose them. At the end, I had the idea of simply scanning the transaction card into 1Password, and leaving the original at home at a secure place, so whenever I use them wherever I am, I have two physically separated placeholders, one is the credit card (useless without 1Password access) and the other one the digital transaction card (useless without the credit card).

    So that's why I went back to my old 1Password version (, it's the one I own and it will have to do for now, kind of, still sad about the now missing browser integration (another reason I wanted to upgrade). It allows me to keep the transaction card as attachment and to access it from my mobile phone (so it always is where I am!).

    At the end, with you offering that new subscription service now, I assumed that I'd be able to really upgrade my experience, by getting newer software onto my computer that gave me all the features I already had and restored the one lost (browser integration). Result was much different for all the reasons described. Let's see what happens in 178 days. I still want to keep using 1Password.

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    @me_and_myself: I'm really sorry that the new app isn't yet to the point we all want it to be yet. In time with our continued efforts, we will get there. But I know that doesn't do you good today.

    I'm glad to hear that you have a setup that works for you though, and I appreciate hearing about your bank's security setup. That's definitely cumbersome and a good use for 1Password, so I hope we'll be able to offer more help there for you in a future version — even if only with image attachments. Thanks again for your feedback, and your continued support. We'll continue to work to earn it!

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