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I have just started using 1password for Windows and for iOS. However although I think the software is great, it is very much aimed at the United States obviously.
Is there some way to change the settings for using specifically in the UK (or for that matter in any other country)? For instance for current accounts, sorting codes and national insurance numbers (UK)?
If the settings could be changed, this would make the software perfect as far as I'm concerned!

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  • Hi @Bermudagirl ,
    I'm British and have been using 1Password for numerous years without a problem both in English and in German.
    You can add fields to your identity (for instance), to contain your National Insurance number:

    • Open your identity and scroll down until you see a field with the title "label"; click on the field and rename it National Insurance Number, then enter your detail in the field next to it.
    • Once you have left the new field, a new blank label will appear, allowing you to enter further personal details.

    The same applies to bank accounts. While there is no "Current Account" (yet??) A "Checking Account" serves the same purpose. You just need to change the label of "Routing Number" to "Sort Code"

    If you'd like to see any specific additions or changes — make a note of them here and I'm sure that the AgileBits team will add them to their 'WishList',

  • Thanks Rob!
    I had in the meant time discovered I could change the"Routing Number" to "Sorting Code". Thanks for telling me about the labels. So really if we could have "current account" as well as "checking account" I'd be more than happy...

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    @Bermudagirl: Indeed! While it isn't possible to modify the pre-set templates, if specific fields aren't of use to you, just leave them blank. They won't be displayed when you save it. And then you can create custom fields with the desired name/type as you see fit. Just note that 1Password cannot fill custom fields since it knows nothing about them, but if the information is just there for your reference that will work fine for you. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Thank you!

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    On behalf of Brenty, you're welcome!

  • This appears to be the most recent open thread on internationalisation of the app, so I'll just tack on here. :)
    When the current "National Insurance Number" category was un-Americanised in recent years, it still retained its stars and stripes icon inspired by the Social Security Administration. While I can personalise the full colour icon on a per-entry basis with any graphic I choose (like giving my Health Card a pizza), there was no new art assigned for the (16x16?) categories menu either, which we can't change.

    I know changing art assets to be clear, concise, and neutral isn't easy, glamourous, or high priority. But just to let the (Canadian) team know that we notice, and we will notice if it is eventually changed. ;)

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    Hi @ArundelDesigns,

    We'll certainly keep this in mind as we work on 1Password 6 Beta, internationalization hasn't touched yet as we're still working on the core foundation, but we have something planned in the near future that might be better for your use case, assuming it works out the way we want it to.

    (like giving my Health Card a pizza)


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