icloud drive for a windows PC, can I sync between that & my iphone?

Windows 10 PC with iCloud Drive & 1Password 4.6.
I want to sync a vault with my iPhone using iCloud.
Already syncing fine with my Mac laptop, just not my PC at work. Possible?

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    Hi @mixerdad,

    Not yet possible, we use Apple's CloudKit service to store your 1Password data in your iCloud's private database that is only accessible to 1Password. CloudKit also happens to power iCloud Drive but this CloudKit service isn't directly accessible to users. On macOS and iOS, Apple provided an easy method to use CloudKit APIs but there isn't a reference implementation on Windows right now.

    For us to support this on Windows, we have to build our own implementation and this may be a huge undertaking. Right now, most of our resources are going into 1Password 6 Beta for Windows with the new 1Password.com subscription. After that is done, we might be able to look at iCloud support there.

    In your ecosystem, your best option that's close to iCloud is Dropbox. WLAN Sync is limited to one computer to multiple mobile devices but not between computers.

    The other option is our new 1Password.com cloud service but that requires 1Password 6 Beta for Windows we're working on right now and it is a subscription.

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