Is a license required for 1password on wine?

If I use the "1Password on wine" approach that is recommended for use on linux, apparently replacing the former approach of using my browser to view my vault, is a license for the windows version of 1Password required? (Previously, it was not...)

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    It always has been, yes. :) 1Password is not a free product. We do offer a 30-day free trial, but after that trial expires a license is required.

    We do not officially support 1Password for Windows running on Linux. At present the only incompatibility is that the keyboard shortcuts do not work, but an update to Linux/Wine/1Password could cause it to stop working altogether at any point.



  • It may have always been, but, as we're discussing in other threads, there used to be a supported way to access my vault from linux that was included in the price of my original license. That is, while it may have always been, it wasn't previously necessary.

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    It still isn't — strictly speaking — necessary. Most folks don't use Linux, after all. But I've sent you an email about this. :)

    ref: VMN-21111-479

  • Actually, you're wrong. Most folks do use linux. Linux is now the most popular operating system in the world. It runs on more processors than any other, by far. It's just not an easily captured market for apps.

    You're right that it's not so common for desktops, but desktops aren't as common as they used to be either. They're going the way of the land line telephone. Linux is, however, quite common for laptops, (chromebooks, etc), extremely common for phones, (android), tablets, (android, ubuntu, etc), etc, and I haven't even begun to talk about embedded applications. It's also the most common kernel for servers, by far.

    What you're saying is that 1Password is unavailable on a majority of computers in the world today. And I knew that. Thing is, it used to be.

    Thank you for the email.

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    I should have been more specific. I meant "desktop Linux". And we do have an Android app. But I take your point. :)

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