iOS App Improvement Suggestion - 1Password Hot Key

I really enjoy using 1Password on my mobile device especially using the "share, print and more" button in the safari web browser. When it comes to apps sometimes things get tricky.

I understand your company is encouraging app developers to build 1Password into their apps like Twitter for example. Which works great!!! However using other apps with 1Password becomes a bit of a pain such as if I want to use Instagram. I have to switch back and forth between apps

My suggestion......... create 1Password custom keyboard. Which would allow users to enjoy 1Password both in safari and in app :smile:

See my quick photoshop mockup below.


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    Hi @HeisenShane

    Welcome to the forums. :) Unfortunately (or, fortunately) Apple does not allow 3rd party keyboards in password fields in any apps. It would be a great idea otherwise!


  • This request keeps coming up so I would like to argue that this feature is lacking from the product. The argument in previous threads is that a username 1P keyboard would be insufficient or even a bad user experience, but I will argue below that it is a good_enough solution, with some provisos:

    The current workflow is:

    1. open app (that doesn't support your API)
    2. switch to username field
    3. type in username if simple, remembered. (or use shortcut, or see worst case below)
    4. close app
    5. open 1P, (and laboriously enter app password on device without touchID)
    6. go to login/password, open it and copy the password
    7. close 1P
    8. go back to/open previous app
    9. select password field
    10. paste password

    Note if the username is not singular and simple/remembered this workflow has additional steps:
    3a. close app
    3b. open 1Password (and laboriously enter app password on device without touchID)
    3c. go to login/password, open it and copy the username
    3d. close 1P
    3e. open previous app
    3f. select username field
    3g. paste username

    The alternative workflow with a 1P non-secure keyboard, accessed in the username field, would be:

    1. open app (that doesn't support your API)
    2. switch to username field
    3. select 1P keyboard
    4. NB Maybe need to authenticate in 1P keyboard? TouchID?
    5. select account, types in username and copies password to clipboard
    6. switch to password field
    7. paste
    8. NB must switch back from 1password keyboard at some point - presumably


    • needs to be an Open Access keyboard (for a lot of reasons)
    • no context e.g. can't show app's username immediately
    • a new and compact UI, can't open a keyboard within a keyboard
    • some cases maybe would have to open main 1P app anyways, and if possible
    • it's not clear if the code necessary to clean the clipboard after the timeout will execute

    Security-wise, it exposes the password on the clipboard. But the exposure is clear as the user has to press the Paste button and you have to do this with the current solution anyways.

    (My iPad Mini 2 is not touchID, my iPhone 6 is touchID. The iPad 1P experience is painful. Even the 6, the delays on opening the app as an extension is excessive.)

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    Slide-over may help ease the pain a bit until a better solution can be found, @jlongman. Thanks for taking the time to write this up. :)


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