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This discussion was created from comments split from: ive forgot/lost my license code. how do i find it.


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    Need help, I just recently moved platforms from Apple to Android, I have paid for the 1Password for the iPhone, but when I downloaded for the Android, then tried to log in it's asking for my Account Key or License Code.. I need help with retrieving this so I can use it on my new Android Note 7 .

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    @finmysta: I hope you don't mind, but I've split you off into a separate discussion in the Android category of the forums since the other person's topic was about a license for an old version of 1Password for Mac.

    I'm sorry for the confusion here! 1Password for Android is a separate purchase from each of the other apps. Additionally, app store purchases do not have licenses at all; rather, the purchase is tied to your Apple ID or Google Account. And, as you can imagine, the Google Play store doesn't honour purchases made through Apple's App Store.

    However, 1Password for Android is a free download, with in in-app purchase if you want the Pro Features. Alternatively, you may want to consider a 1Password subscription, since it will give you access to all of the apps and do away with licenses and sync configuration altogether — you simply login to your account to authorize a device and access your data:

    That's what the "account" option is for. Otherwise, you can choose "use without an account" and sync your data from another device, or create a new vault.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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