"Personal" customised vault icon does not show in Safari extension

...I am assuming this is the forum for the new "personal" accounts (sorry if I got that wrong),

to be more precise:
1) all the customised vault icons show in the Safari extension (except "Personal")
2) none of the customised vault icons show in the OSX app

...because some show in the Safari extension (which is my most-used interface), I am now used to looking at that icon to quickly see which vault I am in.

However I cannot tell between in "all vaults" and "Personal vault" because they look the same, despite customising the "personal" icon in the web interface.

Can we please get the customised "personal" icon to also show in the Safari extension and also top get them to show in the OSX app?


1Password Version: 6.3.2
Extension Version: 4.5.8
OS Version: OSX 10.11.6
Sync Type: "personal"


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    @JamesHenderson: Could you please clarify what you're seeing? If it's simpler, take a screenshot of this. To include it in your reply, simply click the document button in the top of the comment field, and select the file you wish to share:

    The All Vaults icon is a multicoloured 1Password logo, the Personal vault icon should match the image you set in your account profile, and each additional vault you create can be customized with another icon of your choice. Are you experiencing something different? I look forward to hearing back from you!

  • OK, 3 images below:
    1) the icon at the top when "all vaults" is selected is the standard 1Password icon (not a multicoloured logo)

    2) the icon at the top when "personal" is selected is the standard 1Password icon

    the icon whenever any other vault is selected is the customised icon.

    4) ...a zoom in on the bit I am referring to, so it is clear

    5) how the customised vault icon looks when just getting the password (and not trying to change the vault)

  • ...sorry, I posted a bit to soon...

    thanks for the reply, and I hope this makes sense!

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    @JamesHenderson: Whoa! Thank you so much! That's perfectly clear.

    That is really odd. I'm not seeing why this would happen to your Personal vault's icon, but I'll bring this up with the team to see if someone working on the server side has some insight. I wonder if anyone else is seeing the same thing. Thanks for bringing this up!

    Edit: Just to clarify, #1 is normal. We've gone back and forth on this, but currently the 1Password logo intended to show that you're searching 1Password. I can definitely appreciate how that can be confusing though — especially given the other vault icon issue you're having.

    Also, a question: if you login to 1Password.com, do you see the expected profile icon on your Personal vault?

  • Hi,

    Yes, I am OK with #1 being normal.

    Yes, I do see the personal icon on 1password.com

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    @JamesHenderson: Thanks so much for confirming that! I'm glad I asked. It looks like this is an issue with 1Password for Mac then, so I'll let the team know so we're not harassing the web guys needlessly. We'll get to the bottom of this! :)

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