Where's my account?

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i installed the mac os app on my computer & i've been using it just fine. Now I need to install the app on my iphone. It's telling me i need to scan a qr code or type in my account key by hand. I don't have one of these. The website tells me it's in my emergency kit. I don't have one of these. I apparently would have gotten one if I had signed up from your website first. But I signed up via the mac os app first. So i went to the website to sign up for a new account. It is very unclear how (if it's possible) to link this new 1password account that I created on the website to the one that I already have set up on the mac os app. I already have everything I need on the app, but no way to generate an emergency kit from that account. I have a new account on the web, but none of my actually important information associated with that new account. When i follow the instructions on your knowledgebase for how to retrieve my account key, the one thing (of three possible things) that I actually have access to is a logged in app, but following those instructions brings me to my account page where no account is listed. The instructions say:
1.Open and unlock 1Password.
2.Choose 1Password > Preferences.
3.Click the Accounts icon, then select your account.
4.Click on your Account Key to copy it. Or click Add Devices to see your QR code.
But after clicking on the Accounts icon, there are no accounts listed there. WTF & please help!

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