One of my passwords is visible on my watch before the sign in process is complete. After iOS update

Before I signed into 1Password on my iPhone, I tried to sign in on my iwatch but it wouldn't sign in. Did not get an error message it just crashed after a while. During the time I was trying to sign in, a user name and password was visible the entire time. After I signed in to 1Password on my iPhone, I was able to sign in on my iwatch but the password is visible during the sign in process.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @Ron_N: Thanks for reaching out! I've encountered a similar issue myself with a number of apps. watchOS actually caches a screenshot of the previous state of an app to use while it launches (when the app icon displays with a spinning ring around it). And since watchOS manages memory on its own automatically, this means that the state 1Password is in when this happens cannot be controlled. Unfortunately there isn't anything that apps can do to prevent this, but we're exploring ways to improve 1Password using the new features in watchOS 3. In the mean time, 1Password isn't able to "lock" itself, but you can always lock it with force-touch. That way watchOS cannot display anything the next time it launches the app. I hope this helps!

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