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I purchased a family license in 2014. I used to have 3 separate vaults that worked independent from each other with separate passwords. Now the secondary vaults do not ask for a password you can only login using the primary vault. Did I lose functionality when you created the subscription service? What is the solution to have 3 accounts that are accessed with a separate password. Also if this invloves the subscription service are you offering any upgrade specials as I was only able to use the family license feature(paid $80) for a short time before its functionality was disabled.

1Password Version: 6.3.2
Extension Version: 4.5.8
OS Version: 10.11.6
Sync Type: dropbox


  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @luberger1313! Welcome to our forum. :) Thanks for taking time to post about this. Unlocking single vaults at a time is a feature we removed in 1Password 6, which was released at the beginning of the year. We're considering bringing it back in a different form — an enhanced one. In the meantime I recommend using multiple user accounts on your Mac which have different passwords, and can also have different copies of 1Password set up.

    1Password Families doesn't include this feature right now, though it does have something that may work for you. With a family account, each member accesses their own accounts inside the family with their Master Password, and they gain access to their Personal vault as well as a Shared one that everyone in the family has access to. If your family would like to access things with different Master Passwords, this will work, but if you're using the same computer to access things there isn't currently a solution for that.

    Thanks for the feedback, and I hope this helps clear things up.

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