Quick Reference for what features are available for each platform

I switch between Windows and Mac quite frequently and check in from time to time on what's available for my Windows system. Is there any sort of quick reference for what features of 1password (and 1password for family/teams) are available for each platform?

I'm getting a little confused about what I can do where. For instance I see that the Windows 10 store application is out of beta but it doesn't look like it supports the browser extensions yet?

I've been a big fan of 1password for a long time and I'm anxious to have my team at work try it out. We're currently on Lastpass, which is getting pretty stagnant. However I'm pretty much the only mac user on our team (IT guys) and we really need Windows support before we can think about trying 1pw.

Anyway, the point of this is - it would be nice to have a quick grid or something showing what's available for each version of 1password on each platform and maybe an ETA for standard features (like browser integration).

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  • well for starters in 1pw android and 1pw6 for windows there seems to be no attachment support yet.

  • Hi @Justin Mullis,

    Thanks for your interest in 1Password on Windows.
    We don't have a comparison for this at present because our new Windows product is being developed at a very high pace at the moment.

    Let me address each of your questions one by one:

    I'm getting a little confused about what I can do where. For instance I see that the Windows 10 store application is out of beta but it doesn't look like it supports the browser extensions yet?

    The version in the Windows Store is out of date at the moment. There are a few technical hurdles in bringing some of the features to the Windows Store version right now that we're working on fixing together with Microsoft. The good news is that the current beta of 1Password 6 for Windows does support filing using browser extensions. You can get it here: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/64591/help-us-welcome-1password-6-for-windows-to-our-family

    I've been a big fan of 1password for a long time and I'm anxious to have my team at work try it out. We're currently on Lastpass, which is getting pretty stagnant. However I'm pretty much the only mac user on our team (IT guys) and we really need Windows support before we can think about trying 1pw.

    You asked about the subscription products (1Password Teams and Families)

    Windows support is there and very soon the new version will go out of beta. The new version is focussed on users of our subscription offerings at the moment. While you can add local vaults (of the .agilekeychain and .opvault variety), items can only be added and edited in 1Password accounts right now. Full support for the local vaults is coming at a later point.

    A few features related to browser integration are not ready, yet:

    • Auto-Save — that's at the top of our priority list.
    • Filling credit cards and identities.
    • A Microsoft Edge extension.

    The new version for Windows also lacks proper Documents support but this should be fixed, soon.

    I hope this helps.

    Please don't hesitate to ask more questions. We're always happy to answer them.



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    Hello again, Andrew. I didn't hear from you since Friday so with any luck you had a good long weekend :)

    I'm not sure what more I can add to our discussion we had from last week on our blog. I've already written 1,875 words (just over 10,000 characters) in our conversation about our Windows development plans and how the features that you are looking for are not actively being developed at this time and that we plan to address them in a future update.

    I had thought we had a good constructive conversation but seeing that you now making the case that we're trying to take people's money and run shows you felt otherwise. I'm very sorry you feel that way. I don't know what I can do to explain our position any more than what we have already discussed. Perhaps a phone call would work better? Please email me at [email protected] and we'll set something up. I mentioned before that a healthy relationship with a password manager is like a healthy marriage and in addition to communication it requires trust. If you think we are running away with your money, it's time we go see counselling. Email me and we'll schedule a session – a trust fall game may be difficult when performed remotely but we'll figure something out ;)

    @Justin%20Mullis: You're right, the various versions of 1Password on Windows is quite confusing! I'm sorry about that. It may help if I shed some light on how we got here so let me touch on that for a minute.

    1Password 4 is our current official version and is based on the same technologies as the first version used when it was released in 2011. Designed since the beginning for standalone licenses, it does this quite well and has support for syncing with Dropbox and even allows you to sync completely offline using WLAN Sync. The implementation was done using Delphi, and while this is a very good and capable programming language, Microsoft has introduced several newer technologies that we wanted to take advantage of.

    1Password 6 is our leap into the new world that Microsoft has made available to us. We are completely rewriting everything on the Windows side of the world into a brand new app. It's both very exciting and terrifying. The excitement comes from being able to use all the latest and greatest technologies, and the terror comes from needing to rewrite over 5 years worth of code.

    We know that 1Password 6 is a monumental undertaking and so we've tried to keep the feature set as small as possible. To this end, 1Password 6 is currently focused exclusively on our new hosted services and support for standalone licenses and other sync methods will be added in future releases.

    Now allow me to double back to your question: since you're looking to use 1Password with your colleagues at work, you will want to give 1Password for Teams a try as it allows your company to manage users and vaults, while giving you and your teammates the ability to easily and securely share information. Support for 1Password Teams is only available in 1Password 6 so we'll want to focus our attention there.

    The tricky part is 1Password 6 is still in beta on Windows and needs more time to bring it to parity with the Mac version, particularly on the browser extension side of the world. Our plan is to bring the Mac and Windows feature sets into parity and we're making good progress there. For example, things like All Vaults are supported, which is pretty awesome as that's something we wanted on Windows for quite some time now.

    So long story short, I don't have a graph of what's here or coming soon, but the general plan is clear: we need 1Password to have a consistent feature set and UX across all the platforms and we're working our way there. I hesitate to give out any specific ETAs as it's always hard to make the future reality match today's plans – in fact, I had already announced early in the summer that we would have shipped the initial 6.0 release last week and we're behind on that schedule – but we're getting close. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

    I think the best thing to do at this point is to contact me at [email protected] and I'll have someone on our team reach out to you once 6.0 is completed to discuss your needs and make sure we're ready for you. Depending on your requirements you may need to wait for a future release and on a call we can figure that out pretty quick.

    Take care,


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    @andrewstrauss: I guess this is where I'm a bit confused: If you purchased a 1Password 4 license, hopefully, you found it useful to you in the first place, and that's why you bought it! And since then you've benefitted from all of the improvements we've made to it. But that's what you paid for, not every subsequent version we release in perpetuity. So while I appreciate that you want more (me too!), I'm not sure that I understand exactly what you've been robbed of — especially if you aren't a fan of 1Password 6, and the version you purchased is still there for you to use. We'll keep working on future releases though, and if — and only if! — and when they meet your expectations, then it would be natural to consider upgrading. It's our job to work hard enough to earn it!

    Insults and insinuations aside, I think Dave wanted to put as much thought and consideration into his replies as you did into your own comments. But you're right! At the end of the day, we don't actually care about Windows! Or macOS. Or Android, or iOS. After all, if these platforms lack useful software, they do us little good. So if you feel that 1Password isn't useful, I can totally understand your dissatisfaction from that perspective. I'd feel the same way if I'd paid for something I didn't use! And while we don't "care" about a particular OS, we do care about making products we want to (and do) use, and making them not only to match our own standards, but our customers' as well. At the end of that day, that's what we care about most, because we love what we do, and without customers we're not doing anything! I think 10 years is a pretty good track record, but you're right that established companies have also "produced" vapourware. Unfortunately, predictions for the future aren't something that can be proven or disproven in the present.

    But, rather than "explaining" where we are and where we're going (and risk being compared to a political bogeyman), I'll leave you with this: Ultimately is isn't about being "right". Being right doesn't do anyone any good. The best we can do is be grateful to those who have supported us in the past, those who choose to do so in the present, and then continue working to make each new version of 1Password in the future live up to our mutually – collectively — high expectations. You don't have to believe that we're sincere when we say it though, because we're committed to continuing to prove it over time. That's why we get up up in the morning. So, only time will tell. I think we're in full agreement about that at least, if nothing else. Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to share your perspective with us. Now...back to work! ;)

  • also one thing that's obviously bad is that to use your subscription on windows to work with the account, you cannot use documents anymore because 1pw6 doesnt have them. and when people are already using for example the subscription with a mac at one place and with windows at another they are losing quite a bit of features, and even android is missing feature especially documents, at least the last time I checked.

    also it doesnt even seem to be possible to create offline vaults in 1pw6 on windows which is in my opinion also pretty bad.

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    @My1: We couldn't agree more that 1Password for Windows needs Documents, but we haven to build it first. It isn't ready yet, but we're working on it! I'm sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time, but we're working hard to get that and other features added to the new app. :blush:

    @andrewstrauss: Alex already answered the original poster's query, and I'm not sure what else I could add, so I didn't mention them. And I guess I don't think I have anything for you at this point either. We're continuing to work on 1Password for Windows, but if you don't believe that — in spite of the fact that this discussion is about the work we're doing on Windows — then I'm not sure what else to say. :(

  • @andrewstrauss I think your comment at 08:09 was meant for @brenty rather than myself!

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    Hi guys,

    @My1, as a workaround, you can access your documents on your PC via 1Password.com web app and to upload files there. We are working as fast as we can to implement full support for Documents and file attachments in 1Password 6 Beta for Windows.

    also it doesnt even seem to be possible to create offline vaults in 1pw6 on windows which is in my opinion also pretty bad.

    1Password 6 Beta right now doesn't have full support for modifying local vaults and for creating offline vaults, this is something we will add down the line. 1Password 6 Beta won't be able to replace 1Password 4 for a while.

    andrewstrauss, I've modified your last post to point to Brenty.

    It is on us 100% for failing to keep Windows consistent like on other platforms for you. You are correct that the proof for our commitment to Windows has to be in our code and docs, not in our statements here. Hopefully, we'll be able to prove this to you in the near future by the quality of work going into 1Password 6, which is the statement we're going to make for our Windows support.

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    We're all students. :):+1:

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    Mike is certainly awesome. No doubt about that! <3

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    @andrewstrauss, my comment as another 1P Windows 4 user is that you are right in feeling that Windows 1Pv4 seemed to become the neglected stepchild of the 1Password family. And via the forums I have seen how this came about, as the developers struggled with problem after problem that fundamentally stem from ancient design/architecture decisions for the Windows version of 1Password. They simply couldn't make it work as smoothly as, for instance, the Mac version.

    My impression is that some time last year, agilebits accepted that they must throw the Windows implementation away, redesign the program, and rebuild it pretty much from scratch. For such a large, critical software, this is a major undertaking that unavoidably takes lots of calendar time.

    Perhaps my viewpoint differs from yours in that I have full confidence that agilebits is working diligently and swiftly (with due prudence to avoid a disaster with our passwords) to develop a new version for Windows that will have the nice things that currently are missing. For example, I expect to see a unified local database for speed with opvault and to avoid the vault-switching issues, and I expect to see an integrated process structure that will solve the "double-unlocking" issue between the browser and main app. I have full confidence that a good version is coming, we just have to wait because fixing it incrementally in v4 simply wasn't feasible.

    In my view, the fact that we must wait for a major redevopment with no visible improvement is distinctly different from a situation in which some company chooses to abuse the long-time customers by neglecting an old "cash cow" product. You warn potential buyers of 1Pv4 that it's not as nice as the version for other platforms and v4 never will be. On the other side, my belief is that a forthcoming version will be as nice as the ones on other platforms, and in the meantime, there are quite a few users of v4 who find it to be a useful and effective tool, despite its shortcomings. Can the shortcomings be frustrating? Of course. But I would tell a potential new customer that v4 is a really good option, and I would not suggest to get some alternate password manager or wait a couple years before getting 1Password for Windows.

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    Thank you for the kind words, @bkh. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this. <3

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    Hi @andrewstrauss,

    I hope your week started great! :+1:

    We are working hard to show you our love. I hope you will feel it in the future updates!
    Thank you!

    Greg 8-)

  • @andrewstrauss, your comments all ring true. Perhaps your comment "...but many companies much larger" goes to the source of my confidence in the likelihood of a future windows version that achieves feature parity. From the tenor of the forum statements by the agilebits folks over the years, it appears to me that agilebits is still small enough that they are run with a sense of ownership and personal responsibility for the customers. When a company becomes too large, it tends to attract a different kind of manager; the sort focused on power, prestige, and self-enrichment. Under such leadership, the focus switches from "do the right thing" to business decisions that focus on profit. For such a soulless enterprise, the customers and potential customers are nothing more than a resource to be mined for profit, and the business decisions reflect that.

    We have seen statements on the forum that clearly reflect a decision by agilebits to redesign and rebuild 1Password for Windows to achieve feature parity. That's strong evidence that they currently retain their soul. I find it easy to believe that they have the technical competence to do it, and they have the determination to pay for such an expensive undertaking. As you say, time will tell.

  • @andrewstrauss I cant agree much more to the things you said.

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    Time will certainly tell. I appreciate that you folks are passionate about 1Password. It certainly gives us some perspective on the standard folks hold us to, and that's important in all sorts of products. Windows has plenty of room to improve — each platform has things it's not great at — and we've been working damn hard to make it so. Let's get back to building that, and we'll talk to you again soon. :)

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