Why do moved items get creation date today?

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Today I created a new vault and moved some items from an existing vault to the new vault using the web interface (as the Windows version has no move yet; only copy). All these items now (still) have creation date "today". As a result, I no longer know when these item were really created: a minor variant of data loss (suppose I need/want to change them every x days/months).

How can I fix this?

1Password Version: Families
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Sync Type: AgileBits


  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @XIII! Thanks for posting about this. :) I just experienced the same thing using the web interface. I'm sorry about that. The apps keep the creation date, but the web interface loses it for some reason. I'll let the team know so we can look into it. Thanks again for the report.

    ref: B5-2024

  • Actually I have the same problem with Windows Beta App.

  • JacobJacob

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    Good to know! I'll let them know too. :)

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    I noticed in the release notes of the Windows Beta that this problem is fixed now, which is nice.

    However, is there also a way to fix this for the affected items, or did I loose (meta)data?

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    It has been fixed in the latest version. I'm afraid we can't revert the changes that were already made though.

  • Actually I was able to revert the changes by restoring the moved items from the archive in their original vault ("abusing" some other "bugs": 1. a move is actually a combination of a copy and a delete action & 2. uses are unable to delete archived items - maybe they are features?;) and then moving them again (and then deleting the ones with the wrong date in the new vault, which are now duplicates).

    Luckily it involved only 6 items that I had to do this for (one at a time).

  • Very glad to hear you found a workaround, we’ll pass along your feedback to the team, and with any luck there won’t be any issues like this occurring in the future. :)

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