Inconsistent Locking experience between the iOS extension and the main app

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Hi there,

I stumbled upon an alarming bug the other day on my iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3.4 and 1Password 6.4.4. Of course, I can't reproduce the problem at the moment, so this bug report may not do any good since it is not reproducible at the moment.

In 1Password's security settings (Settings > Security), I have these options set:

  • Lock on Exit: Off
  • Auto-Lock: 2 minutes
  • Touch ID: Off

Typically, I unlock the 1Password app to search for something, but I don't manually lock it again. I just move onto doing something else on my iPhone, and after 2 minutes, 1Password will auto-lock itself in the background.

However, the other day, I unlocked 1Password and it never auto-locked itself in the background. Even after 2 days, 1Password was still unlocked in the background!!

These are the steps I took, although I can't reproduce the problem at the moment:
1. I unlocked the iPhone.
2. I launched the 1Password app.
3. I unlocked the 1Password app by typing in my master password.
4. I clicked on the "Categories" button at the bottom.
5. I typed in a word in the "Search" box at the top (and "Search Everything" was selected).
6. 1Password found one matching login.
7. I clicked on the login, and scrolled all the way down to read all of my notes associated with that login.
8. Then I clicked on the back button to take me back to the search results screen.
9. Then I clicked once on the iPhone home button to take me back to the iPhone home screen.
10. I locked my iPhone (i.e. pressed the sleep/wake button on the iPhone).
11. I then proceeded to use my iPhone normally over the next 48 hours. But then (48 hours later), I went to launch 1Password and it was ALREADY UNLOCKED! It didn't ask me for my master password at all! The app was already unlocked -- AND IT WAS ON THE EXACT SAME SCREEN THAT I HAD PREVIOUSLY LEFT IT ON 48 hours earlier! It was still on the search results screen, with my search word STILL TYPED IN at the very top of the screen! It simply never locked itself -- it was just holding itself right where I last left it. For 48 hours.

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this problem right now. Although maybe that should be "fortunately", because I want the higher security!


1Password Version: 6.4.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 9.3.4
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Hi Scott ( @scotty321 ),

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Unfortunately, you’re right, it’s tricky to troubleshoot something that is not reproducible.

    AND IT WAS ON THE EXACT SAME SCREEN THAT I HAD PREVIOUSLY LEFT IT ON 48 hours earlier! It was still on the search results screen, with my search word STILL TYPED IN at the very top of the screen!

    Please note that this is actually expected behaviour. 1Password will save the app’s state when you exit the app and will open to the place that you previously were. So, there’s nothing to worry about here.

    As to the actual issue at hand, let’s see if we can gather a bit more data. Please go to 1Password’s Settings > Advanced > Diagnostics > Log Settings. Enable Lock and UI Lock. Then, if you notice 1Password failing to lock correctly again, immediately generate a Diagnostics Report and send it in to us.

    Sending Diagnostics Reports (iOS)

    Attach the Diagnostics Report(s) to an email message addressed to [email protected].

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report(s) in the forums, but please do include a link to this thread in your email, along with your forum handle so that we can "connect the dots" when we see your Diagnostics Report(s) in our inbox.

    You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number. Please post that number here so we can track down the report(s) and ensure that this issue is dealt with quickly. :)

    Once we see the report we should be able to better assist you. Thanks very much!

  • Great, thanks so much, @Megan!

    Thanks for clarifying that first issue for me.

    As for the locking problem, I just enabled those 2 diagnostics log settings in my 1Password app. If the locking problem happens again, I will be sure to send you guys a diagnostic report.

    Although I have not received an email with a Support ID number. I've checked my Spam folder as well.


  • Hi @scotty321,

    Whoops, I’m sorry the instructions were not more clear. You won’t get a support ID until you send in the Diagnostics Reports. The support ID number simply allows those of us on the forum team to track down the report in our email system and ensure that it is answered promptly. :) Our support team will look over your report and get back to you via email whether you post the ID here or not. :)

  • Oh, haha. Now I get it. Thanks! :)

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  • Oh okay, I see what is going on here. This doesn't look like a bug, but is actually BRAND NEW BEHAVIOR for 1Password on iOS, which is different than 1Password's old behavior on iOS.

    In step #11 of my post above, I was missing a step there. This is the missing step:

    I UNLOCKED THE 1PASSWORD SAFARI EXTENSION (within Safari's share sheet on iOS) before launching the 1Password app itself. In the past, unlocking the 1Password Safari extension on iOS did NOT unlock the main 1Password app on iOS. But now, unlocking the 1Password Safari extension on iOS actually DOES unlock the main 1Password app on iOS.

    Ironically, this is actually our desired behavior of 1Password for iOS, and this is how we have actually wanted 1Password to work on iOS for all these years. So this new change is actually good and what we have been hoping for for a long time, but the reason we were so confused is because we were not informed about this new change in behavior!


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    Did you end up sending a diagnostic report and having a conversation via email? I don't see anything recent under the email address you used to register here on the forums. If you did send a report could you please post the support ID? I'd be interested in following up on what has transpired between your last post and now.



  • scotty321scotty321
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    Thanks. It's the exact same "issue" as before. Is this a bug or is this by design?

    I'm very confused at why 1Password is acting inconsistently, and why sometimes the Safari iOS extension unlocks the app, and why sometimes the Safari iOS extension DOESN'T unlock the app. 1Password has gone from being "reliable and rock solid" to being "unreliable and a daily guessing game".

    I couldn't send AgileBits a log today because the issue occurred on my iPad instead of my iPhone today. I didn't have those "advanced diagnostic log settings" turned on for my iPad, but I do now for the future.

    But I would totally love if somebody from AgileBits could please confirm definitively one way or another what the behavior of the app and the extension on iOS is supposed to be? Is the iOS Safari extension supposed to unlock the app or not?


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    Hi @scotty321,

    Thanks again for taking the time to write in. I am really sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue.

    Assuming that you still have the settings mentioned in your initial message (Lock on Exit: Off, Auto-Lock: 2 minutes, Touch ID: Off), here's the expected behaviour:

    • Call the 1Password extension in Safari and unlock using your Master Password.
    • Press the Home Button to leave Safari.
    • Open 1Password (the main app) within 2 minutes, it should be unlocked.

    Are you experiencing the same behaviour behaviour?

    For more information about our shared Lock Service between 1Password and its extension, please take a look at our Improved locking in 1Password 5.5 for iOS blog post. Please make sure you scroll down to the Lock Service: Centralized and better than ever section.

    That said, there is a known bug which displays a "gray" extension when called for the second time if both Touch ID and Lock On Exit are disabled. We are currently trying to figure out the best way to fix it. It is affecting the extension when the Master Password is the unlock method and when Settings > Security >"Lock On Exit" is disabled. For the time being, we could work around it by changing either setting, meaning either use Touch ID or enable "Lock On Exit".

    Please let me know if this works.


    Ben & Rad

    ref: OPI-3425

  • Great, thanks for the link to that blog article.

    Yes, that would be awesome if 1Password actually behaved the way that it is described underneath the "Lock Service: Centralized and better than ever" section in that blog article. However, that's not the way it actually works in real life.

    My settings are still (Lock on Exit: Off, Auto-Lock: 2 minutes, Touch ID: Off). The way it currently works for me is this:

    If I START by unlocking the iOS Safari Extension, then the iOS 1Password app will remained unlocked for 2 minutes. This is good.

    However, if I start by unlocking the iOS 1Password app, and then I immediately go into Safari and call the 1Password extension, the 1Password extension shows up LOCKED and the 1Password app is LOCKED as well. In other words, everything is immediately locked. According to that blog entry, this should all remain unlocked for 2 minutes.


  • Oh, I should clarify -- everything I described above is on the iPhone only.

    On the iPad, the extension never unlocks the app, and the app never unlocks the extension. (Same 1Password security settings on iPad.)

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    @scotty321: Ouch. I'm sorry for the trouble there! It's definitely how 1Password for iOS works here, and is supposed to work, so I wonder if the app is simply damaged on your devices for some reason. Most of all, it sounds like the inconsistency is what threw you off (from how it worked in years long past, though those changes happened over a year ago).

    Additionally, it's possible that changes we've made to the settings this past year may be conflicting with the settings you were using previously and not migrated correctly. Please tell me the text you see under 1Password Settings > Security > Touch ID.

    Simply toggling the security settings to make sure they save properly may do the trick. But ultimately the solution will probably be to backup your data and install a fresh copy of the app on each device.

    Please let me know what you find. I look forward to hearing back from you! :)

  • Here is a screenshot from the iPad -- I can get you a screenshot from the iPhone too, if you'd like.


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    Thanks Scott. I've added your comments to our internal bug tracker on this issue. I don't think a screenshot from the iPhone will be necessary at this point but we'll be in touch if that would be helpful.

    Thank you again for your detailed descriptions involving this issue. Hopefully it is something we can get to the bottom of sooner rather than later.


  • Thanks, Ben!

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