Can't see all 1password items through TeamViewer connection to Windows computer

When I press Ctrl-\ in a browser on a remote Windows computer connected via TeamViewer, nothing happens. When the remote computer is a Mac, pressing Command-\ works fine. Because of the Windows glitch, I'm unable to press Ctrl-\ twice to see all the 1password items, as opposed to just the ones for the current domain. (That's a really nice workaround---without TeamViewer in the picture, at least---that I found somewhere else on these forums.) I don't know whether the problem is in TeamViewer or 1password. If it's a 1password problem, I think it started in 1password 4, and it's still happening with 1password 6 beta. I first noticed it a couple months ago.

1Password Version: 6 beta
Extension Version: 6.0.239.d
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Teams


  • Hi @johnnyray14,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    That's an interesting case and not something I remember hearing about so far.
    We regularly work with TeamViewer and there are some limitations to the application but this is a new one that we'll have to test.

    That said: Instead of pressing Ctrl+\ twice, have you tried pressing Ctrl+Alt+\ once? By default that's the shortcut to bring up the 1Password mini window.

    I think it's worth a shot.


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