Problem with Windows beta and suspended/deleted account

Good morning,
whether on a PC you install version 6 BETA windows, and the account login to a team, whether the user is suspended or canceled, the user continues to see the team's database. it's correct? thank you

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  • brentybrenty

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    @Dario_Petrolo: I'm sorry for the confusion there! Once they have been suspended or deleted, they will not be able to login/connect to access data going forward, but if you've already granted them access to a vault (for example) and they have downloaded its contents, they already have the data. So it's important to (for example) change the password to an account if you do not want them to be able to access it in the future, since they will not receive any further changes. I hope this helps! :)

  • I hoped was similar to IOS, where the database is not accessible. Strange that there is an administrator control, we can not imagine having to change all the passwords when one of our employees leaves the team. Too bad, your product we liked a lot, but we will have to select another. :(

  • Hey @Dario_Petrolo,

    We're sorry to hear that 1Password Teams isn't for you at this point. I would still like to elaborate a but on the points Brent made:

    The current beta of 1Password 6 for Windows doesn't yet have a few features related to locking users out of a database if you remove them from the team. Going forward, the deleted user won't see new data coming into their account but they will still have access to the local data.
    This will change in 1Password 6 for Windows in the near future, once user de-authorisation, database resets, and remote master password changes are implemented.

    We're happy to answer any other questions you might have.



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    @Dario_Petrolo: And just to clarify, no matter what, no software (or hardware) can take back a secret that has already been divulged. 1Password isn't magic; it's math. And for anyone (including you) to access data, it must first be decrypted. Whether you share a login with 1Password or give someone a piece of paper with a secret code on it, deleting the data or burning the paper does not prevent them from making a copy or committing it to memory beforehand. I know it's not the answer you wanted, but we're not going to lie and promise the impossible. That doesn't help anyone. :(

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