ctrl+\ not working on 2nd chrome profile [Confirmed, investigating]

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I use browser profiles to separate my work stuff from my personal browsing (gmail accounts, history, bookmarks etc) and I've noticed that ctrl+\ never work in my work browser. I don't have any issues whatsoever in my personal browser.
I have the same version of the extension installed on both profiles (see below).

The extension works fine when I click on it up in the right corner. I see the correct logins on the correct sites and the autofill fills in the right stuff as well as copy the TOTP codes when applicable.

Is this a known limitation or is this maybe even my fault :P

Keep up the great work!

1Password Version: 1Password 6.0.231d
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: File (Dropbox)


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    Hi @exstac,

    It looks like a bug, I can confirm the same thing is happening here. I'll file a bug report and see if we can fix the issue with dual profiles in Chrome.

    ref: #608

  • Thanks!

    Funny update on this issue.. After the latest update where I had to authorize my two browsers, the ctrl+\ started working on my work profile. Unfortunately it no longer works in my private browser.

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    Hi @exstac,

    That's normal, it depends on which profile you start with, not the specific profiles itself. The issue is that as soon as you open the second profile, the first profile will stop working with Control + \. 1Password blocks the call from the original one, most likely because it is confused on why the extension ID no longer matches with the one in the second profile.

    When you use Control + \, 1Password mini picks it up and checks to see which browser is on top. If you click on the 1Password icon in Chrome, Chrome picks it up, passes it to the extension, which then trigger 1Password mini to bring its UI up, so it knows where the call came from, that's why it is working fine.

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