Upgrading to the family plan and suddenly I have duplicate enteries

I've been using 1password since version 3 and I think it's great. I've had my vault synced on dropbox for years and was able to access it across multiple devices without an issue.

I've FINALLY convinced my wife to stop using the same password for all her websites, so we upgraded to the family plan (no problem so far, just giving background - you did ask for as much information as possible).

Anyway, I upgraded to the family plan and copied (not moved) all of my logins from the 'Primary' vault (which was created with the previous version) to my 'Personal' vault (which was created on the family plan). I figured that I would keep my 'Primary' vault on dropbox (untouched) in case I ever need a backup (being in the IT field for 30 years, I like backups).

On new installations like my work computer, I don't have an issue, I never linked to dropbox and I can only access my 'Primary' and 'Shared' vaults (both were created with the family plan). On my iPhone, iPad, home computer, etc... that have been linked to dropbox, I have access to all 3 vaults and therefore, I have duplicate entries.

Is there anyway to "unlink" dropbox so I can no longer see my 'Primary' vault (and therefore, not see the duplicate entries)?


1Password Version: 6.0.239d
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: Multiple
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: kb:undefined, kb-search:Primary vault


  • FYI: I figured out how to 'remove' the 'Primary' vault on Windows, but the entries remain (OK, the titles remain, there is no data in the records - so this is probably not the options I'm looking for), but I cannot find this option on my iPhone

  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @Steve_B! Glad to hear you got the duplicates issue sorted out. When you say the entries remain, are the duplicates still showing up despite removing the Primary vault? If so, please try closing and reopening the 1Password app.

    For your iPhone, sign in to 1Password.com on your computer and check your account to make sure things have migrated. If they have, you can remove your old vault by opening and unlocking 1Password on your iPhone, then choosing Settings > Advanced > Erase All 1Password Data. Open 1Password after this completes and sign in to your account to continue using it. :)

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