Feature Request: View only access to Personal vault

Currently, only me and my wife are utilizing our Family Account (our kids are too young). We each have Personal vaults for person specific passwords and utilize the Shared vaults for things that are non-person specific.

I travel frequently and should something happen to me, our plan has always been to use 1Password as an access "transfer" for all my accounts. As it stands now, I can't share my Personal vault (even read only). I can understand why this policy is in place by default, but I think sharing should be allowed.

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @blwagner! Thanks for the suggestion. It's definitely an interesting one. :) I'm not sure we'll be adding read-only access to the Personal vault for other members of a family/team, but we'll consider it for the future. In the meantime, I'd recommend creating a new vault and sharing that with your wife. Then move your Personal vault contents into it and give your wife regular access without "Allow Editing" so she has read-only.

    How to create family and team vaults and share items

    You could also share your Emergency Kit with her so she can access the account in case of an emergency. Hope that helps!

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