Problems Storing Router Information

I have a "FritzBox" router where I can access the configuration via a web interface.
The URL is
So I entered the URL, logged in with my password and 1Password stored the new login for me.

Now I want to store the WLAN settings (Network Name and Password).
So I created a new item of the type "Router".
Here I filled the fields "Network Name" and "WLAN Password" and added two custom fields for "MAC-Address (2,4-GHz)" and "MAC-Address (5-GHz)".

Then I thought about having ONE entry for my Router.
The "Router" entry provides many fields I need, but I think the "Router" entry can not be used to log me into the configuration website, right?
I know that I can store the information in two separate items, but having one entry would be much easier.

What if you add Log-In capabilities to "Router" entries (and maybe also other types)?
Then I have one entry that stores the login information and also the WLAN settings.


  • brentybrenty

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    @OLLI_S: I'm sorry for the confusion! All categories except Logins, Credit Cards, and Identities are templates for organizational purposes only. 1Password only knows how to fill data for those three "special" categories.

    In the case of your example, since you're trying to use this information to actually login through a webpage (I'm guessing the router is resolving this address itself since .box doesn't seem to be on the list of valid TLDs) I'd suggest saving it as a Login item. Then you can add any other information you want using custom fields. This information cannot be filled whether it fits into a Router item's template or is added to another template as custom fields, but using a Login may allow 1Password to fill it at least.

    There is one caveat, however: 1Password may still have trouble filling the login since it doesn't contain a valid TLD. Unsurprisingly, I not have any login forms at invalid URLs to test this with. Let me now what you find! :)

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