Section titles in 1Password 4 for Windows

I'm using 1P 4 on Windows and on iOS. In the iOS version I can see in my logins the different section names. In the windows version the section names will not be shown in the logins. Is there a setting to activate or is this function missing in the latest stable windows version?


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    @Finke03: I'm sorry of the confusion there! While 1Password 4 is able to display custom fields in the detail view, it doesn't have a place to display custom section names there. But they are visible if you go into Edit mode. I hope this helps! :)

  • Hi @Finke03 ,

    We have reported this issue last year: but nothing is happened until today. It is still very difficult to pick the correct section in the detail view.

  • Hi,
    that's very annoying to hear. I don't understand why such a simple feature will not be provided in such a long time? I think we have to wait several months until 1 PW 6 will released as stable version and fully replace 1P 4. So that's no option to neglecting the old version until the new one is out.


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    Hi guys,

    Unfortunately, we don't have anything new to share right now, it's still on our list but almost all of our engineering is going into 1Password 6 right now, that does mean that bigger cosmetic changes like this may take longer or may not make it in 1Password 4.

    The UI framework we're using in 1Password 4 doesn't actually make this simple feature easy to implement, which is why we're doing a new program in a completely different tooling set instead, learning from our limitations from the 1Password 4 program.

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