Translation issue in Android App

I changed the password of my 1Password Account.
Now I get on my Android Device the error message that an Error occurred logging me in.
The German title of this message is "Fehler beim Einloggen".

In this dialog there I have two buttons:

  • NICHT JETZT (what means "Not Now")
  • BEWERTUNG (what means "Rating")

So the second button needs a better translation. ;)

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hey @OLLI_S. Thanks for getting in touch and for reporting this issue. :)

    Our translations are done by our awesome volunteers in Crowdn. So if you see an error, you're more than welcome to comment on the translation there.

    However, I looked through our strings, but I didn't see the one you mentioned in our 1Password accounts project. Are you seeing the two translations (Nicht Jetzt, and Bewertung) in the same box? I'm curious about the context. Also, I know that @ntimo has contributed to this project. Maybe he has an idea?

  • @peri I bought a second phone (Microsoft Lumia 950 XL) just to be able to take this photo (screenshots are forbidden in 1Password):

    This is the message that I get at startup because I have changed the master-password of my 1Password account and did not yet change it in the settings of the Android app.
    Note: I grayed out my name in the screen shot.

    At the moment I have unfortunately no time to search for this string in the translation website, so many other users like @ntimo can help here out?

  • @OLLI_S I will take a look at his today evening. If that's okay with you :)

  • ntimontimo
    edited September 2016

    @OLLI_S @peri fixed it :)

  • @ntimo Thank you very much, so I am keen about the next update for my Android phone, so I get those changes.

  • periperi

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    Thanks for reporting the issue, @OLLI_S and thanks for correcting it, @ntimo! We'll make sure to pull the latest changes from Crowdin for the next update. :)

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