Beta version 1Password, Sierra and Safari Technology Preview problem

I have the current beta version of 1Password installed [6.5.BETA-21 (650021)] on a MacBook Pro running 10.12.1 Beta (16B2338c) and Safari Technology Preview [Release 14 (Safari 10.1, WebKit 12603.].

The browser extension no longer functions and going to a web site in this browser no longer links to 1Password. I've tried reinstalling 1Password, and installing the browser extension from the download (it doesn't install) and from the Gallery (where it installs but doesn't work).

Similar behaviour is seen using the current Chrome browser.

Before going to the business of deleting preferences and so forth, I wondered if this was a known problem.



1Password Version: 6.5.BETA-21 (650021)
Extension Version: 4.6.2.b1`
OS Version: 10.12.1 Beta (16B2338c)
Sync Type: DropBox


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    @Newnesi: I'm sorry for the trouble! I haven't seen other reports of this, and I'm not able to reproduce it myself — but then I'm not using a prerelease version of Sierra. Please try the following:

    1. Make sure the browsers are fully updated
    2. Uninstall the 1Password extensions
    3. Update to the current 1Password for Mac beta
    4. Restart your Mac
    5. Install the latest browser extension

    When you attempt to use the latest version of both the extension and the app, you should be prompted to authorize the connection by verifying that the code matches for each: in your browser, and presented as a popover by 1Password mini in the menu bar.

    If it still isn't working, the best thing to do will be to generate a diagnostic report and send it to [email protected] so we can look at the logs to determine exactly what is happening:

    Sending Diagnostics Reports (Mac)

    Just be sure to include a link to this forum thread and your username in the email so we can 'connect the dots'. Also, knowing your timezone and the date/time of the incident will help us find it in the logs. We will get to the bottom of this! :)

  • Following your suggestions has fixed the problem. Many thanks. Craig

  • brentybrenty

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    Fantastic! Thanks for the update. You are most welcome! It sounds like you should be all set, but don't hesitate to reach out if we can be of further assistance. Have an awesome weekend! :)

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