Any plans to integrate with Because I need that for work!

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Basically, neither google nor dropbox is in the PHI (protected health information) data storage business but is. So... Box integration with 1password would be fantastic. I can't tell people to use 1password for teams but then add some non-HIPAA compliant syncing solution.

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    Hey @mlcatl! I think 1Password Teams is actually what you're looking for, but there may be a bit of confusion about how it works. You don't need a sync solution when you use Teams, because it does all that for you. All you have to do is sign in to your account and your passwords and other items will be there, on any device. It's also HIPAA compliant. You can learn more about that in:

    HIPAA Compliance and Risk Assessment

    As for Box specifically, we're not planning on adding it as an additional sync solution. I expect Teams will be even better for you, though. It's built for 1Password. :) Let us know what you think.

  • Add another vote for Box support. We'd much rather stick with 1Password, because it's pervasive, and we absolutely love it. However, we won't fight corporate licensing windmills for a few Team seats, no matter how inexpensive they are! 30-day free trials are not a solution, because they, too, come with licenses that must run the corporate gauntlet, and our projects run longer than 30-days. Please consider adding Box for those enterprises and government installations who already have approved means of protecting data, and who already have 1Password. It seems uncharacteristic for agilebits to support Dropbox and not Box.

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    1Password Teams cannot run on Box (or Dropbox). It runs on its own infrastructure built on Amazon AWS. You can read more about this here:

    1Password Teams Whitepaper

    In short 1Password Teams stores its own data, it does not rely on a 3rd party storage provider. And it has to work like that in order to provide the functionality it provides.

    As for adding Box support to our standalone products... That is something we might consider. Our current focus is on improving our based services, and so it would not come in the short term. Adding a sync provider is a fairly complex endeavor, especially when it comes to mobile platforms. We do appreciate the vote though, and will certainly take it into consideration when evaluating sync providers in the future.



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