Feature Request: Simulate/Mockup Credit Card

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Over the past week I've had to enter and re-enter my credit card information into my iPhone/Apple Watch for Apple Pay (trouble-shooting and ultimately replacing a new iPhone 7). I don't use physical credit cards anymore and even the ones I have, Apple Pay's camera-detect feature couldn't read them very well.

What if... 1Password would simulate/mockup visually a version of your credit card that Apple Pay could read? Point the Apple Pay "detect credit card" camera feature at my screen and capture all the relevant information. Big usability win. Similar to the "Large Type" option for displaying a password temporarily.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @invalidptr: That's a really awesome idea. But before we get too excited, I think we need to keep a few things in mind:

    • Present company excluded, I don't think most people have multiple devices with them at all times, so a feature which depends on not only having a Mac in front of you with iPhone in hand but also 1Password on each of them may not have widespread utility.
    • I've used apps which try to do just that — making virtual cards using their account numbers — and Apple Pay (and other apps with card scanning features) don't seem to work with them. I don't know for certain, but it almost seems like it's intentional, perhaps for some sort of "fraud protection". Even some of my physical credit cards won't scan, presumably because they're not embossed the same way credit cards have been traditionally.

    But again, I would personally love to have this feature. I very much want to live in a world without physical cards, but we're not there yet. We can definitely consider ways of having 1Password help with this more though. Thanks so much for bringing this up! :)

  • invalidptrinvalidptr Junior Member

    Most of my physical cards can't be read. I've presumed because the contrast stinks and/or the silver has worn off the face of the card. This is more of a power user/developer feature. Maybe we can convince marketing that it would be a really cool demo!

  • brentybrenty

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    It would definitely be a slick demo, and at least both of us would love it! As more and more of us are using our "digital wallets" more than physical ones, it's something we'll keep in mind. I do fear, though, that there's a bit of a bubble for some of us, since credit cards are still rare in many countries, to say nothing of contactless payment systems like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay(?), etc. But if there's enough interest, it probably doesn't matter if it isn't useful to everyone. I guess I just wish that people everywhere could. Maybe someday!

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