Count of items per category is very inaccurate

I've seen other posts about Category counts not syncing properly right away, but I think this is a different (maybe related?) issue.

Using 1Password 6.4.4 for iOS. I go to Categories, and as I look down the list of Categories, I notice that the item count on the right edge of every Category bears no relation to reality. Some are close: It says I have 2 Drivers Licenses when actually I have 1. Some are less close: It says I have 7 Servers when actually I have 4. And some are quite far off: It says I have 18 Secure Notes when actually I have 10. In every case I believe the count on the Categories page is higher than it should be. (Is there a multiplier at work here? Count = actual number * ~1.75, rounded?)

I looked at the troubleshooting steps in other posts; switching vaults did not help, nor did force-quitting the app. I have 1Pw on iOS & Mac set to sync via wifi, so I have no idea when I last did a "manual sync."

It's not significantly affecting my experience, but it's just weird!


  • Hi @jamon147,

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into this issue as well! I’ll add your feedback to the report in our internal tracker in the hopes that it will help our developers get to the bottom of this quickly.

    ref: OPI-884

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    I too have this problem on version 6.4.4 of the iOS app.

    I just switched from syncing with Dropbox to syncing with iCloud on OS X and iOS. The OS X app appears to have no issues, but the iOS app shows an All Items category count of 321 when Sync preferences shows 578 items have been synced. Despite the counts being way off, I can access all 578 items.

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    Thanks for letting us know, @jameswthorne.


  • is there any update on this? i am also seeing inaccurate counts. i sync via wifi only, no cloud involved.

    OSX version: 10.11.6
    desktop 1PW version: 6.3.5
    iOS version: 6.4.5

    i typically make updates/adds to the desktop version, then sync via wifi to my iOS devices (phone and iPad). though the data all syncs fine, the counts have not been updated in some weeks.

  • @zimv20 try force quitting 1Password for iOS and restarting it. That seemed to fix the problem for me—at least for the time being.


  • @Stephen_C thanks that workaround seemed to do it.

    would still like to see the bug fixed properly.

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    Thanks for the update! And thanks for the assist here, @Stephen_C. :)


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