Can't Delete Unnecessary Vault

Hello, here's the issue:

When I signed up for, I renamed the 1P "Personal" vault as "Primary" vault. I then realized that since this was my default (and only vault) I should stick with the "Personal" name since that's the name you guys use. So, on my desktop app (OSX) I now have the two vaults, but all new entries/et cetera occur in the Personal vault. I'm too paranoid to delete the Primary vault just yet, but it's essentially inactive (my preferences indicate that the Personal vault is where "new items will be saved by default...."

When I set up 1P on my Android phone, I had initially used the Primary vault I'd created. I then realized that it wasn't updating/syncing ... so, I have now added the Personal vault as one of the vaults on my phone. The Personal vault is up-to-date and seems to be syncing with

I would like to delete the Primary vault on my phone, but it seems that since it was set up first I can't delete. Is this accurate? I hesitate to uninstall/reinstall the app but that might not work either.

Also, I should be able to delete the Primary vault on my desktop app, too, right? I really only use one vault at this point.

Thanks for your attention.

1Password Version: 6.4.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 6.0.1
Sync Type:


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @mobius32x. There are a couple ways to get rid of the unnecessary Primary vault on your devices. You can simply exclude the vault from All Vaults by tapping Settings > Vaults, and toggling the Primary vault off. However, if you want to completely delete it, follow the steps here to start over with 1Password on Android. When you launch 1Password again, sign into your account and you'll no longer have the Primary vault.

    If you have successfully moved everything to your 1Password account and are no longer using the Primary vault, then you can delete it from your Mac as well. In that case, click on All Vaults in the sidebar and select the Primary vault, highlight any and all items in this vault and move them to the trash. Then select 1Password 6 > Delete Vault.

    That should do it! Let us know if you need anything else!

  • Thanks, Peri. I know you guys must get weary of answering the same questions over and over, but that's a testament to how well the program works: i.e., because it works so well I just tend to set and forget it and, over time, just forget this basic stuff. Oh, well :-)

  • brentybrenty

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    @mobius32x: No way! We love hearing from you! And honestly, we'd always prefer to hear from you before you do anything that may be risky (deleting a vault, for example), rather than after you've already done something you might regret. When in doubt, reach out. That's what we're here for! :chuffed:

    And of course the kind words certainly don't hurt! Thanks so much for your support, and don't hesitate to reach out any time you have questions, comments, or suggestions. Cheers! :)

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