1Password won't submit form when Safari Is not open first

Does anyone ever get 1Password not submitting a login after filling in a logon if Safari is not running first?

Sometimes when I use 1Password mini or if I run a 1Password URL through Alfred it fills in the login details but doesn't submit the form if the action I've just performed boots up Safari. If Safari was already running it submits no problems but if it has to start Safari it stops after filling in the details.

It's not always though so can't re create every time.

Anyone seeing similar?


  • Hi @charlie999,

    I can't say I've experienced this but I suppose I don't often not have various browsers open due to the nature of the work. Out of curiosity, the next time it happens can I ask what field has focus when it doesn't submit? The way that submit after filling works in Safari is after we fill we place focus on the password field. 1Password then uses an AppleScript file to mimic you as the user pressing enter. It's literally that direct. So if focus isn't on the password field it could very well stop submit happening. I will be interested in learning what you see next time it happens.

  • Thanks for there reply.

    I did wonder how it worked. Couple of questions.
    1. How do I tell what the focus is on? Type and see where the text goes???
    2. What is the difference between Submit when enabled and Submit always???

  • Greetings @charlie999,

    In most browsers they usually highlight the field. Safari's highlighting seems to be pretty subtle so if it isn't clear or you can't see the keyboard cursor then typing is a pretty good way of seeing what has focus :smile: I like that ingenuity.

    So the different submit options won't affect how the submit works but allow you some control. The default is Submit when enabled so by default all Login items will take their cue from the global preference. If the global submit option is enabled any Login item with the default setting will attempt to submit and won't if the global option is disabled. If you have an exception where you want it to never submit then you're covered by the option Never submit. Now what if you want the default to be to not submit unless you specifically state otherwise? Disabling the global setting and use of the Always submit will allow for this. It should mean any desired combination is covered or at least hopefully is. I hope that explanation makes sense.

  • Super explanation thanks.

  • brentybrenty

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    On behalf of lil bobby, you are most welcome! We're here if you need anything else. :)

  • OK so I've got the the bottom of this thanks to your explanation of how the submit works. I've had this problem on and off for ages and thinking back it's been mostly when I've asked a workflow within apps like Alfred to boot a 1Password shortcut. I've had it happen today and noted that when the passsword should have been submitted Safari wasn't the active window. So on every occasion I made the window active, hit return and logged in successfully.

    I also tested in on 1Pass mini and clicked on the desktop after clicking on the website url. This also failed to login.

    So in short not having the window active at that time the apple script you run was just sending the return command into "Fresh Air"!!

    Simple when you know how! A quick alteration to my workflow to add a 5 second delay and it's working well now!

    Superb thanks.

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    @charlie999 Thanks for that additional detective work. One thing I can say is that 1Password includes a check to see if the target browser is open and if not, it launches it and inserts a delay before invoking the open and fill URL to ease into these kinds of situations. This applies not only to autosubmit but also to filling at all in some situations because it's often the case that the extension isn't fully initialized immediately after the browser opens.

    Jamie Phelps
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  • As much as this is an issue what's it got to do with my issue?

    Maybe a new thread would have been a better option!

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    @charlie999: Patience. I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to be too hasty. No harm done. ;)

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