No logins on iPad after syncing with Dropbox

I have an iPad with iOS 9.3.5 and 1password 6.4.5, which just installed. I am synced with Dropbox. When I open the app, I see all my logins, identities, and credit cards. When I open the Safari extension, I see only the identities and credit cards. What could I be doing wrong? Do I need to use chrome?

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  • I should have added that my vault was created on a Windows 7 laptop using 1password version 4.6.

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    @cb960: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! For a second there I thought you were saying that your data was missing from 1Password completely. :scream:

    1Password will only offer you logins matching the current URL. That's why you're not seeing them there. Credit Cards and Identities are not associated with a particular site, so they are always available in Safari. But if you go to a site that you have a login saved for (and the URL matches, for example, then 1Password will offer to fill it for you. We just don't want our login credentials being entered on the wrong site. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Thanks, brenty. That works for Amazon, at least. I am used to the functionality in Chrome on my Windows laptop, where the extension allows me to select a login from a list; it then navigates to the site and logs me in.

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    @cb960: Ah, I undertand. However it is not possible for iOS extensions to do something like that. You can, however, get some of this functionality by using 1Password's built-in browser (called, funnily enough, 1Browser) within the app:

    Using 1Browser to login to websites from Login items

    As you can imagine, iOS doesn't offer the kind of flexibility that desktop OSes do. But it's great for security. I don't miss having to do virus scans one bit. ;)

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