Folders? Tags? How do teams stay organized?

I'm a member of an IT team that has about 3500 items in Lastpass. We're evaluating moving to 1Password for Teams and I've successfully imported our data.

One thing I noticed immediately is that our folders from Lastpass have been converted to "tags". We have probably 50 or 60 folders, one for each of our clients.

I'm wondering if there's any roadmap for some better organization features beyond tags. Or if there's a guide out there for 1Password for Teams that shows how we can stay organized and maximize use of the tag system. The advanced search in 1Password for Mac is great, but I'm the only Mac user here and the Windows application doesn't seem to have it.

For instance is there any way to nest tags or do a search for two tags at one time. So we could do something like "client name" + "ISP".

1Password Version: 6.5.2
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  • MeekMeek

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    Hey Justin, thanks for your question!

    As you've found, 1Password Teams only supports tags. We really like tags as they let you assign multiple tags to the same item, rather than having having to choose to put them in only a single folder. While you can't nest tags, applying multiple tags might help to achieve a similar result.

    However, I do have a suggestion for your intended use case. 1Password Teams supports multiple vaults, and this works out really nicely when working with multiple clients. You can create a separate vault for each client, rather than using tags. This works great for keeping these items nicely separated and a really awesome benefit is you can also control access to these vaults separately. So for example if only some people should have access to certain client vaults, you can set it up that way. Depending if some of your clients also need access, you could even invite them as a guest to your team and give them access to their client vault.

    You could then use tags for more of a category organizational tool, so for things like "ISP", etc.

    Finally, as you've found, you can search for multiple tags in 1Password for Mac with the advanced search. 1Password for Windows was re-written from the ground up and we're still working hard to bring it up to feature parity with the Mac version. While I can't make any promises on a timeline, look for these few outstanding features (such as advanced search) down the road.

  • Got it, multiple vault make sense. Based on that it would be nice to have a different option for listing all the vaults in the web interface. With the current "card/panel" type layout its going to be difficult to see all of our vaults at a glance. A table view would be nice. Along with the ability to change permissions and other vault settings for more than one vault at a time.

  • MeekMeek

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    Hey Justin,

    I totally hear you! Admins of the account can see a table view of all the vaults in the Admin Console, however non-admins currently are limited to the card view. The idea being that only vaults you actually have read access to are on the card view, which in most cases is only a limited set of all the vaults in the team. If this number of vaults grows, then I can totally see how this might get unwieldy - thanks for your feedback on this!

    From the admin console, there are currently two ways to change permissions - you can go to each vault and configure who has access, or you can go to each person and configure in bulk which vaults they can access. I can understand that having a way to do both - i.e. select a bunch of people and give them access to a bunch of vaults all at the same time - could be useful as well.

    Let us know if you have any more feedback while using 1Password Teams - we really appreciate it!

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