Will 1P run on my new ("Android") FIRE HD 8 from Amazon?

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I installed gmail app and Chrome app on a friend's Fire tablet about a year ago, so I decided to buy a new FIRE HD 8 for me. Was it a mistake? I won't own a device that can't run a supported version of 1P, so I have some questions . . .

  • Is there a way to install a supported 1P on this new FIRE HD 8? 1P is not on the Amazon app store.
  • Should I ditch the FIRE HD 8 and buy an Android tablet that will run 1P?
  • If so, any suggestions on what vendor sells an Android tablet that runs 1P? (SWYPE is another required app. Does your suggested tablet run that?)

Maybe I should spend more and buy a 2nd iPad mini2.

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  • If 1Password isn't available on the Amazon App store then you cannot install it on the FIRE HD 8. Even if it was available from another source, it shouldn't be trusted as it could have been hacked (Agilebits only make 1Password available for Android on the Google Play Store).

    If you want to use 1Password on an Android tablet, your only option would be to get another device that has access to the Google Play Store.

    Personally I wouldn't touch any of the Amazon tablets or phone. Whilst I like Android, limiting apps to what is available on the Amazon Play Store and not allowing Google Play Store is a big no for me.

    If you want to stick with Android, there are plenty of 8" tablets to choose from (I assume that's what you are after). I have a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact tablet which is great (and the Sony keyboard is much better than Swype IMO - though TBH I'd also rather use the Google keyboard than Swype as it can pretty much do the same thing). The best thing is to look at what's available in your price range and go from there.

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    Thanks, Martok.

    Your comments and my experience have converged. I'll return this Amazon product, then look for Android tablets priced at or under the iPad mini2. (I can't pry my wife's mini2 out of her hands!) I will take a close look at your Sony, being totally new to Android tablets, of which there is a bewildering number of models from which to choose! Glad you pointed me to the Google keyboard! Didn't know about it and the demo video does appear to be like Swype.

    Off to pack up the FIRE HD 8.

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    Hey @TNSteve. I'm very glad to hear that @Martok was able to help out with your question about installing on your Amazon Fire tablet. :) In order to install 1Password, you will indeed need access to the Play Store as we don't offer it through any other channels.

    Let us know if you need anything else!

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