Launch Cisco anyconnect VPN application

If 1Password opens Cisco anyconnect VPN application and applies the username and password, it will be great. If this option available already, please share the link with me.

My company most of the employees are using 1password.

Any version is fine. We use MAC OS and Windows


1Password Version: 6.5.x
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OSX 10.11 and Windows 7 and 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • brentybrenty

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    @night12pm: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! As we're having this discussion in the "Saving and Filling in Browsers" category of the forums, it's particularly apt: 1Password is able to integrate with browsers to fill login credentials, because they have extension frameworks we can use for that purpose. But other apps don't offer this capability. We'd very much like to be able to use 1Password in other apps ourselves though, so it may be that this becomes possible in the future. Cheers! :)

  • +1 on Satheesh's request. As more and more of my logins go to 2FA, the 1Password workflow gets complicated. I'm already cut-n-pasting passwords into several non-browser apps to do things that used to be web-based. In iOS, the Cisco AnyConnect app clears the password when you click away to grab a code from our security token app, so you have to memorize either the code or the password. Seems like the only way around this is for 1Password to seek more integration into other vendors' applications.

  • Greetings @duncan7,

    The way iOS is designed though it's all about their iOS app integrating with ours. We can't force support or inject ourselves into another iOS app, they have to add code to their app to support our existing extension and to use the information passed to it to fill the correct fields. Based on what you've described they'd also have to relax the clearing of fields as the extension won't be able to fill all three fields even with support for the extension, meaning two invocations of the extension will be required to grab all the required details.

    While on the surface it would be nice if we could work with iOS apps by supporting them rather than them supporting us it goes against Apple's current security model on iOS.

    I don't know what may be possible on MacOS but iOS has deliberate limitations here that we can't pass - sorry.

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    @duncan7: I can sympathize, as I have a few apps that do that as well. It's not great, but I find that memorizing a 6-8 digit TOTP code for a few seconds is much more feasible compared to the crazy passwords 1Password has generated for me. :lol:

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