Is there a direct way to launch 1Password Mini?

Launching an app on my vintage spinning-disk iMac can take more than a minute when all of these are active:

  • Time-Machine backup
  • Spotlight index
  • Dropbox index
  • Backblaze
  • Spindisk problem report generation for quicklookd crash (because quicklookd timed out trying to close)
  • Spindisk problem report generation for Microsoft Automatic Update (possibly a timeout crash)
  • etc

The only way I know to launch 1Password Mini is by launching 1Password, waiting for 1Password to timeout, waiting a minute, then launching 1Password again.

It Would Be Nice if I could launch 1Password Mini directly, and then not launch 1Password until the wee icon appeared.

1Password Version: 6.6.BETA-1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.12.3 Beta (16D12b)
Sync Type: Dropbox & 1Password for Families


  • brentybrenty

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    @BetweenTwoParks: While I understand that it's a bit tedious to wait for 1Password mini to launch due to I/O on your older Mac, I'm not sure I understand why you're needing/wanting to lunch it manually. If you enable 1Password Preferences > General > Always keep 1Password mini running, then macOS will launch it on boot and keep it running in the back ground so you never have to wait for it to launch when using your computer normally. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • @brenty: Although I have Always keep 1Password mini running enabled, 1Password mini does not seem to be launched when I login. My experience has been that I must launch 1Password maxi at least twice in order to compel 1Password mini to appear, where all but the final launches terminate with an error report.

    If I could launch 1Password mini directly, or configure macOS to launch it at login, I could avoid multiple 1Password launches and failures, and possibly the logging activity brought about by launch failures, which contribute to general disk thrashing.

  • brentybrenty

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    @BetweenTwoParks: Ah, thank you for clarifying. One thought I had was that maybe you did have it set to run automatically...but perhaps it wasn't loading fast enough before you tired using 1Password. If, however, this isn't merely a speed problem, it may be that 1Password is damaged or it isn't registered properly for macOS to launch it on startup. Please disable "Always keep 1Password mini running", drag 1Password to the Trash, restart your Mac, and then install a fresh copy from the AgileBits site. Then, enable "Always keep 1Password mini running" and let me know if that resolves the issue. I'd really hate for you to have to keep struggling with this. We'll figure something out!

    P.S: I will say however that my old Mac felt almost brand new after a put an SSD in it. Prices have come down a lot faster than I thought they would, so perhaps that's in your future!

  • Some spelunking in the terminal uncovered the helper app in the LoginItems directory.

    Geez, it's in a directory named "LoginItems," maybe it's actually being invoked at login, and it just takes twelve minutes for my login sequence to complete.

    Invoking the helper app with a terminal command, on a system with an eleven-hour uptime, succeeded in manifesting a functional 1Password-mini menubar icon in about fifteen seconds. I will try it on a cold system next time a system restart is forced.

    I understand that this Is Not a Supported Use Model for 1Password.

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    Hi @BetweenTwoParks ,

    That should be ok, but if you ever want to troubleshoot why it doesn't start at login, let us know and we'll be happy to help.


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