Defence Bank ( doesn't load credentials

My bank website doesn't load correctly from iPad. 1PW/Safari will load user name but no password, Chrome doesn't load any details. It worked previously. Site works ok on a PC and Android.

1Password Version: iOS
Extension Version: 6.5.1
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Hi @Bill_W,

    Thank you for reporting this. It's a bug that shouldn't have slipped through and I apologise for that. We added something to the code a while back in the extension to avoid filling read-only fields as it was causing problems in places only to discover a number of odd sites used read-only password fields and your bank is one of them. We've since then altered this to allow filling to help with sites like this but the modification didn't make it into the latest version of 1Password for iOS. Hopefully this mistake on my part won't be in effect for too long and normal filling will resume in the next update.

    Once again, I do apologise this happened at all.

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