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hi, i had a 1password account, about 2 years ago but went back to iCloud Keychain and remained ever since, but considering 1password again, i'll be purchasing it through mac app store, on iPhone/iPad and iMac. iCloud keychain is ok if you have 1 account on each website, but when you have multiple accounts on say Facebook, iCloud keychain been causing problems for me. i've got my account username and password on iCloud keychain, but when my sister wants to log into her account which is not on iCloud keychain, iCloud keychain keep logging her into my account on my iMac. what i've got to do is Safari, Preferences, Autofill Tab and turn off tick box for usernames and passwords. so 1password deal with multiple account on say Facebook ok? like i've said, i'll be purchasing it through uk app store for iMac/iPad and iPhone all on latest systems. but when the updates come on each system, on version 4.1.9 say, do i need to purchase again to get version 5 or does it autoupdate for iMac/iPad and iPhone on each app store? thanks in advance

on second thoughts, i'm open to the idea on subscription based 1password, as its only £29.00 in uk money. what is the best option, app store or subscription based ?

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  • hi, I’ve went ahead and created an account on, but not installed any app on my devices. the most important thing for me is having the most unto date apps on my devices. so, don't know whether mac app store is way to go. like I’ve said on my original post, version 4.1.9 will I stall need to pay to get version 5 or will it auto update to version 5 through mac app store? so don't know whether to go subscription for one time license? Forgot to say in my original post, I visit a learning centre which is on a windows pc, so would need access to my password on that, on but not installing any of apps/programs on windows pc and don’t know if purchase through uk mac app store allows to access my passwords on

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    Hey @alistairmck! I'm glad you went with a subscription. It is the best option, and includes quite a few extra features, the best being all the 1Password apps, not just the Mac one. I wasn't able to find your old purchase, but since it was for version 4, a subscription is completely new for you. 1Password 6 is the latest version of our apps, and it's what you can use with your subscription. So here's what I'd recommend doing next:

    1. Install the apps on all your devices and sign in to your account in the apps.
    2. Start saving your passwords in your browser as you use them, then use them by clicking the 1Password icon when you're on a websites login page.
    3. Disable Safari's built-in password manager so you can use 1Password for everything.

    There's plenty to learn but I want to stick with the basics so you can get rolling. Let me know how this goes. We're happy to help if you have some questions along the way. :)

    As far as billing goes, when you're ready to pay you can subscribe to keep using your account. Learn how to manage your subscription. There's no need to purchase from the Mac App Store or anything like that — your subscription includes all the apps.

  • hi @Jacob thanks for replying, if i went for the standalone mac app store say for 1password version 6, would i need to repurchase on mac for version 7 and so on? although i'm happy with subscription base, just curious to know ?

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    @alistairmck No problem. If you got 1Password in the Mac App Store, you'd need to purchase the mobile apps separately. We can give you the Windows app free since the purchase amount includes it, and getting a 1Password license from our website would include both apps. It's good to note that the subscription offers some benefits licenses aren't able to. I just wrote about these in another post if you want to read more. :)

  • hi, @Jacob but doesn't quite answer my question. although i'm happy with the subscription based. but jut curious to know if i did went for the standalone mac app store say for 1password version 6, would i need to purchase again in mac app store for when version 7 gets released and so on?

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    As Jacob mentioned, an active subscription includes all app updates. So you're all set in that regard.

    As for the hypothetical of purchasing a standalone 1Password 6 for Mac license, we haven't announced upgrade pricing for version 7. We've provided some free major version upgrades in the past, but as a rule, they are normally paid upgrades for standalone license holders. The upgrade to version 7 will be the first major version upgrade since we introduced 1Password account subscriptions, so there are just some things we haven't decided yet. :)

    In short, expect it to be a paid upgrade, but we reserve the right to provide it as a free upgrade if we decide to. ;)

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