1Password, how do I decide which platform to adopt?

The more I look into 1Password the more confused I become. What does this all mean and how does someone decide which platform to use? I see references to 1Password Windows, 1Password 4, 1Password 6, Families, Teams, etc. I have looked extensively on the Web and you web page for a comparison or matrix that would help me decide, to no avail. Extremely frustrating... as I only want to do this once. I will be converting from Roboform if it matters.

Just when I think I an getting a grasp on things, I read this "1Password 4 just isn't capable of supporting 1Password.com". What the...?

I am sure it all makes sense to the folks at 1Password, but for some of us it is quite confusing.

I use two desktops and one notebook, all with Win 7. I also have a Samsung S7 Edge that I can hopefully integrate as well, but not critical.

Any help is appreciated.



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    Hi Grizzly,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in.

    We don't have a side by side comparison of all of these different services because they are marketed to different audiences. An individual 1Password.com account is intended for an individual who wants to use 1Password. It sounds like this is probably what you want. It gives you access to all of our supported client software (1Password 6 for Windows, 1Password 6 for Android, etc), and there are no additional costs to upgrade those products when new versions are released.

    1Password Families gives you all of that plus the ability to include 4 family members (or more, at additional cost) and the ability to share vaults with those family members.

    1Password Teams is a business oriented product with detailed access control lists, groups, reporting, etc. The company is billed on a per user basis.

    That isn't to say that an individual couldn't sign up for a 1Password Teams account if they really wanted, but it isn't really designed for that, and probably isn't going to be the best experience for the money.

    You can sign up for a 1Password account, which will come with a 30 day trial, here:


    You can read about pricing here:

    Pricing - 1Password

    I hope that helps!


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