Credit card billing questions

I just created my 1P Account. If I enter the credit card information now, will the card immediately be charged? Or can I specify a date at which this will occur? My statement is about to cycle over and I'd rather wait until after that before the charge is put through.

And I know you're a Canadian company, the purchase price given in US or Canadian dollars?

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  • never mind, I added my card anyway and it says it will only charge after the free trial is over, which is good.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Ah yes. Sorry for the confusion there! Just to confirm, the card will only be changed once the free time expires, and it will be in US dollars. Also, tax/VAT is charged where required. It isn't possible to manually change the billing date, though that's certainly something I can relate to. The only way would be to remove the card and wait it out frozen for a few days if necessary before subscribing once a new cycle starts.

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