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For one website I use, in order to access the site, I need to put in 3 pieces of data - name, member #, and password. How can I customize the 1password file to be able to have all three pieces of access info populate automatically?

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  • Hi @mlmiles1,

    If you save the Login item from inside the browser using the 1Password extension it should save all three pieces of information and then fill them when you ask it to. So if you haven't already it might be worth creating a new Login item using the steps detailed on our page How to save a Login manually in your browser. Just to let you know, 1Password will only ever visibly display what it believes is the username and password but it stores all sorts of information in the section titled web form details. So even though you won't see all three fields visible when you look at the Login item it is worth reloading the page in your web browser and seeing what happens when you fill.

    It could be the site is tricky though and this doesn't help. If this is the case please do let us know and if you can tell us the URL for the login page we'll take a look and see if we can recommend anything.

  • Thanks for the quick response.

    I tried to recreate the login and use it on Chrome, Safari and Firefox and i could not figure out how to get 1password to populate the 3 fields. Frustrating!

    The site that was causing me trouble was American Airlines's long page:

    Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.



  • @littlebobbytables OK. I think I just figured it out. I followed the instructions in the link you provided, with one exception. I entered the three pieces of information, used the "Search All Fields" options when saving the login, and all the info seemed to appear when I tried it out.

    On a side note -- I had to update the URL, because somehow the homepage and not the login page keeps populating the URL field, despite my updating the field a few times. Anyway, when I deleted all of the URL entries and re-entered the info, it seemed to work.

  • Greetings @mlmiles1,

    I"m glad to hear it's behaving better now. If you ever have a page that requires three or more pieces of information then it has to be saved from inside the browser. It isn't guaranteed to work as some websites put a lot of effort into making very convoluted pages but if we're going to stand a chance it will likely be from saving inside the browser.

    1Password's filling isn't perfect by any means. We're always trying to make it better though so if you come across a site that doesn't seem to work like you did this time please do let us know as it may be we do need to file a report and work on how to improve filling :smile:

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    On behalf of lil bobby, you are most welcome! I did want to add that in the case of American Airlines, the URL makes a huge difference, as they have different login pages. The one you linked above works well for me though, and is the one I would have recommended to you myself. Just as long as your login has that URL and you're at that page when you try to fill, 1Password should work well for you. It sounds like you should be all set, but don't hesitate to reach out if we can be of further assistance. We're always here to help! :)

  • Follow up question -- when a site has a popup password/username box and not its own URL to gain access, can 1password automatically fill those fields as well? If so, what is the trick? An example of the type of site that has this kind of log-in procedure is http://www.accuradio.com. Thoughts?

  • Hello @mlmiles1,

    Our open and fill feature won't work with popup dialogs but filling should work as normal once the login dialog has been opened. It is a limitation as 1Password can't mimic a sequence of interactions with the site, just filling of fields. Hopefully this isn't too annoying :smile: If I've misunderstood the query please do let me know.

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