Purchased App for £49.99 but still shows as Trial version

Downloaded trail version....liked it...then bought the App for £49.99. However, the application still shows as trial version. Can you please explain what I need to do to resolve. Thank you.

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  • Apologies if I am being slow to learn here.... I thought you could either buy a subscription service or a one off licence and the end result was the same. The Apple Store does not make this clear, in fact, it does not even mention a subscription service. Is their a difference? Confused....yes! What has my £49.99 actually bought?

  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @richarsw! I'm sorry for the confusion. A subscription and license are different things, and each have their own set of features. Subscriptions include some things licenses don't, like:

    • Get all the 1Password apps. * Get all the 1Password apps. No matter which plan you choose, access to the latest versions of all the 1Password apps is included. Install 1Password on your devices and sign in to start using them.
    • Sync without the need of a third-party sync service. With a 1Password account, simply sign in and your passwords and other items will be available automatically. When you change them, you’ll see your changes on all the device you are signed in to.
    • Restore deleted or changed items. If a change was made to an item and it needs to be reverted, fret not. It can easily be rolled back from 1Password.com.
    • View, edit, and add items from a browser. You’ll always have access to your data on 1Password.com, even if you're away from the devices you typically use.
    • Brand new multi-factor security model for your hosted account. We took some extra steps to make sure the security is even better than what the standalone version of 1Password has. An Account Key is generated during setup to strengthen your Master Password, and we don't store either of those. Learn more about how 1Password protects your data in the cloud.
    • Access your data even if you stop paying. Your data is yours. Even if you ever cancel your subscription, you can always view and export your data.

    If you made the App Store purchase recently, send your purchase info to [email protected] and we'd be happy to get you started with a subscription. Your purchases in the App Store are all stored nicely in the account. Learn how to get them:

    See your purchase history in the iTunes Store on a Mac or PC

    Now click the arrow beside the entry with 1Password in it and send us a screenshot of that. If you need any help taking a screenshot, there is a nice guide over at: http://www.take-a-screenshot.org

    Cheers for now! :)

  • Thank you Jacob, so to clarify, if I but the subscription service, I do not need to buy the £49.99 App Store. Correct?

  • JacobJacob

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    @richarsw That's correct. It is included with a subscription, along with the other 1Password apps.

  • Perfect....I understand. For other people, do you think the App Store could explain this better. There was no mention of the subscription service on there?

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Definitely. We'll be making things a lot clearer in an update. Thanks for mentioning this! :+1:

  • DinchaDincha
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    As a subscription member can I able to download the mac app without purchasing from iTunes store? and https://my.1password.com/apps allows me to install mac app without purchasing. If this is possible what is the difference in both the Apps i.e from £50 iTunes store App and Free 1Password app for subscription users?

  • FrankFrank

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    Hi @Dincha - Thank you for reaching out to us. Great question! When you sign up for a 1Password.com account, we include all of our apps even future upgrades since it's built into the monthly pricing. There's actually really isn't a difference between the two versions. The reason we charge for 1Password in the Mac App Store is we are proud to still offer customers a choice between our standalone license or our new 1Password.com accounts. I hope that helps to clarify. Have a fantastic day!

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